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Madeleine Sklar MS Interdisciplinary Studies: Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, with a focus on woman’s issues.

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Our acceptance of ourselves, and others, fosters genuine understanding, and compassion. Our unique, authentic, true selves is what we came here to share.

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Ray test

Madeleine Sklar January 19, 2019

Ray test again

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Madeleine Sklar January 25, 2018

ON BEING AN ELDER, AND OPENING THE DOOR TO MY FIRST CONTRIBUTOR, ROBERT HIRNING Last year, following my brother’s death, I realized that if you are a keeper of a…

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Song of Shadows: Art, Madelein Sklar, Music Lila Sklar

Madeleine Sklar January 25, 2018 VIDEO: Song of Shadows: Art by Madelein Sklar, Music by Lila Sklar

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Madeleine Sklar December 21, 2017

I Felt it was worth posting theis wisdom from my dearest friend Robert Hirning: Still Waiting for a Trickle by Robert Hirning The “Trickle Down” theory of economics is nothing…

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