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Madeleine Sklar MS Interdisciplinary Studies: Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, with a focus on woman’s issues.

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Our acceptance of ourselves, and others, fosters genuine understanding, and compassion. Our unique, authentic, true selves is what we came here to share.

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24 June 2019 or 21 Sivan 5779 4 HESED OF WANDS

Madeleine Sklar June 24, 2019

4 HESED OF WANDS Essence: Excitement. Exultation. Creative or spiritual expansiveness can lead us to become lost in inspiration. Everything flows and contributes as we are totally absorbed and one…

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23 June 2019 or 20 Sivan 5779 PRINCESS OF SWORDS

Madeleine Sklar June 23, 2019

  PRINCESS OF SWORDS Essence: The Princess archetype describes a mentally quick, energetic and witty youthful person. It may be a warning against impatience and the danger of acting precipitously. It could…

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22 June 2019 or 19 Sivan 5779 30 ל LAMED, OX-GOAD, UPRAISED ARM, LIGHTNING

Madeleine Sklar June 22, 2019

Essence: As an ox-goad or upraised arm, Lamed refers to all that raises and extends to impel an animal. It is related to the idea of lightening and all that lifts us…

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21 June 2019 or 18 Sivan 5779 5 GEVURAH OF SWORDS

Madeleine Sklar June 21, 2019

5 GEVURAH OF SWORDS Essence: Narrowness of vision makes for dogmatic thinking. Perceiving our options to be limited or a lack of imagination may result in depression as we tell…

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