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Madeleine Sklar MS Interdisciplinary Studies: Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, with a focus on woman’s issues.

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Our acceptance of ourselves, and others, fosters genuine understanding, and compassion. Our unique, authentic, true selves is what we came here to share.

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6 July 2019 or 3 Tammuz 5779 1 א ALEPH, OX, 1ST MOTHER-AIR, DANCING CREATOR OF ALL

Madeleine Sklar July 6, 2019

Essence: Aleph’s image as ox horns resemble the pelvic horns which represent The Great Mother, The One, which contains The Nothing and The All. We’re called to trust Creative Potential and…

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5 July 2019 or 2 Tammuz 5779 90 צץ TZADDI, FISH-HOOK

Madeleine Sklar July 5, 2019

Essence: Tzaddi is symbolic of a fishhook. Now we can draw up nourishment from the depths and gather gifts, both for ourselves and to share with others. Righteousness and goodness connect us…

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4 July 2019 or 1 Tammuz 5779 100 ק QUF, BACK OF THE HEAD, APE OR MONKEY, MOON

Madeleine Sklar July 4, 2019

Essence: Signifying the back of the head, an ape or monkey,Quf begins our return to Wholeness. If we cry out to the Holy One from our dark brokenness, The Holy One…

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3 July 2019 or 30 Sivan 5779 10 MALKHUT OF WANDS

Madeleine Sklar July 3, 2019

10 MALKHUT OF WANDS Essence: The full manifestation of inspiration and spiritual growth has been reached. That which once existed only in the realm of the ideal has become real.…

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