1 June 2019 or 27 Ilyar 5779 KETAR, ACE OF WHEELS

Day 43 counting the Omar is Hesed of Malhut (Expansive Love in the Matreial World) here unites its energy with the Ketar of Wheels, the card representing the essential energy of the Material Realm. As our prayers are answered we are given opportunity to expand our capacity to love and we give expression to our love through the actions we take. As Hesed (love’s expansiveness) grows, our potential to shape and be shaped, increases our passion and capacity for building and giving concrete form to our dreams.


Essence: The material world where inspiration, emotion and thought unite, becoming the world of manifestation. We give concrete form to the dreams our energy creates. As the Wheel comes to earth, it may carry the arrival of a surprise, a gift or a vital message.

The image of the Ketar (Ace) of Wheels is of a wheel turning as it descends to earth. It looks like a wheel in my more formal deck. In my more informal, playful deck the wheel is a pizza. Both symbolize coming to earth, grounding our energy in order to create and nurture our development as it takes concrete form. Furthermore, the image of a pizza is used to express the delicious juiciness when all three elements unite in the materialworld. In Wheels the Primary Three Mothers, Shin (fire), Mem(Water) and Aleph (Air), represented in the Minor Arcana as the suits of Wands, Cups and Swords, join together, giving birth to the material world. In the Ketar of Wheels we give in to the impulse to manifest and enter the realm of the earth.

The fruits of our spiritual, emotional and mental efforts now come to ground. They bring with them the potential for prosperity, money, a new job, property, the first manifestation of any new-born creation, even a baby. What is wished for can now be granted. For better or worse, our prayers are answered. Labor and rest, growth and action, our potential to shape and be shaped is our capacity for building and giving concrete form to our dreams. We may make a name for ourselves, make our mark on the world, create a legacy.

If supported by the surrounding cards, the Ketar of Wheels may also indicate pennies from Heaven, an arrival, a happy surprise and the reception of a legacy, an unexpected gift.


When reversed, the Ketar of Wheels is a warning to be careful of what we ask for. It reminds us that things are not always what they appear to be. Some wishes, when granted, make the wisher wish they had never wished for it in the first place. Here is a reminder that every wish granted, everything we create, carries with it new responsibilities and commitments and demands more energy from us. As such, we need to prepare for the change, challenge and growth it brings. Here is a wake up call. If we are not grounded, this reversal, is reminding us we must now take the time to become grounded. If blessings come when we are not ready, the adjustment required may be more challenging, like having a child before we are ready and mature enough to take on the responsibility and challenge of our life focus changing from being about ourselves to the care for another.