1 May 2019 or 26 Nisan 5779 7 NETZACH OF WHEELS


Essence: Now we turn our attention inward. Although material satisfaction is still important, we focus more of our energy on living a meaningful life. Our allowing of others to support us relinquishes our need to be controlling. We can trust in others’ abilities as well as our own. 

The Netzach(seven) of Wheels represents a time when we are removed from the world of material fulfillment. Although the means for obtaining material satisfactions are available, we are no longer driven by other-directed ideas of success. We have an understanding of unnecessarily fearful visions of failure and of the pointlessness of striving after culturally defined illusions of success. Our values and attention are focused inward. We live beyond the realm of superficial concerns. We are no longer driven by shallow desires nor obsessed with outwardly directed symbols of security or status. The process of discovering security in the depths of the Greater Self becomes our main focus. 

To set aside our false pride, let our vulnerability show and ask directly for what we need, we give others the benefit of being able to share their gifts and take care of us. As our ego releases our need to control others, we can appreciate others’ abilities and skills. We realize that each has their own unique perspective and contribution that may enrich the whole. 


When Netzach is reversed, we need to ask, “Am I trying to make others second guess me rather than asking directly for what I need?” 

The Netzachupside-down can be an indication that we, or someone close, is being lazy and egocentric. We might explore whether our desire to share responsibility reflects a reluctance to complete an unpleasant task. 

We may behave in a childish way to feed our need for power, trying to manipulate others to do for us as a means of control. Conversely, someone close to us may be trying to manipulate or control us in this same way. 

There is a tendency toward parasitic behavior on our or someone else’s part. We, or someone close to us, may be using ill health or physical weakness to avoid responsibility or to manipulate the other person. 

This reversal can also represent a failure to take responsibility for spiritual, emotional or material relationships. 

When we are honest with ourselves we not only benefit ourselves, we are also supporting our relationships and business interests.