11 May 2019 or 6 Ilyar 5779 2 ב בּ BET HOUSE WOMB

Day 22 of the 49 days following the start of Passover, Chesed of Netzach is the Lovingkindness in Endurance. Whatever we want to endure requires love. When combined with the today’s card (Bet) symbolic of a house or womb, we recognize that a house without love can not endure. Our home, this world is created through Bet. Without our lovingkindness our home will become a baren empty place and we will not endure. Without love, endurence is slavery or addiction.  To endure, love cannot be indifferent or neglectful. Love requires recognition of, and commitment to an other, be it a person, an idea, or our world. Bet is the Spirit of the Womb of Creation, the loving home which sustains us when we go out and welcomes us in when we return. 

Essence:  Held and protected, Bet is “house” or “womb,” our home before we emerge into the world. Bet may be empty, receptive, longing to be filled; or it may be full, as we begin to experience the creation and expansive movement and mystery of developing new life. Rider-Waite Tarot: High Priestess.


 Bet is the numeral 2, meaning “house” or “womb.” It is that place wherein we are held and protected; our dwelling, before we emerge to face the world. Bet is the number two and the first double letter. Bet without the Dagesh (signifying dot) is the empty house, the home waiting for your return, a blessing waiting for the receptive spirit. Bet is first the womb empty, longing to befilled. Bet is the beginning of creation and so Holy One creates Duality as out of that longing Bet creates the first spark of existence; the first blessing. Thus, Bet is blessing and the beginning of structure or order, the beginning of creation. The world is created through Bet.  It is inspiration and expansive movement. Bet is that which precedes our entrance. It is the womb that protects, nurtures and prepares us for entrance into the world. Bet is new, virginal. Bet is the potential of chaos containing the seed of order. And so, with the Dagesh, Bet is a womb containing a child. 

In Bet, the undifferentiated I Am of Aleph forms itself into the Goddess; Her womb first empty, then full of life. Thus with Bet out of the One, duality is created.  

Because of its feminine implication, Bet is symbolically similar to the High Priestess in the Tarot, for Bet is the Virgin Goddess, who, out of longing for a mirror reflection, creates the Other. Within her womb forms the first duality, the first fruits: the first rain, the first-born girl, first-born boy. She is a Goddess of wisdom and fertility. In a reading, the Bet card refers to the longing for wisdom through and because of which we begin to create our selves. Betalso speaks of the internal growth necessary before the external can exist. Because Bet is also Binah, (3rd Sefirot, Understanding) it is a card of understanding and scholarship, of guidance and spiritual nourishment. Bet is the Spirit of the Womb of Creation, the loving home which sustains us when we go out and welcomes us in when we return. 


If the Bet card is reversed, it’s about being empty, as in vacant, uncultivated or unfulfilled. The reversal may indicate that we’ve neglected or wasted our blessings or potential. This card can indicate isolation, loneliness or emptiness that does not invite an entrance. It may refer to a house without love. Bet reversed may indicate our cup is so filled with longing there’s no room for what we long for to enter. So have a good cry and self-pity fest. It’s okay. Sometimes we need that. It’s just there’s no life, or potential for life in there.  Then think. 

 We’re reminded that this moment is everything. It is all we have. If I think what I have now is all I’ll ever have, my only choice is to be happy or miserable. When we bless our moment, choose to be happy or satisfied, whatever our circumstances, our cup, no longer filled with longing, may then find true fulfillment.