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12 February 2019 or 7 Adar 1 5779 PRINCESS OF WHEELS


Essence: Unconditioned and unconditional love and joy, she is indicative of a fulfilling or transformative life changing message or communication–the dawn of a new day. She symbolizes the ability to act freely and snatch the brass ring on life’s merry-go- round.

The Princess of Wheels may represent a message or letter, an important communication from afar. She may indicate a visitation–material, personal, or spiritual—from which we will receive a teaching or message that can transform our life. The Princess of Wheels represents unconditioned and unconditional love. The energy of this Princess archetype is androgynous and can be male or female. When she appears, she may bring a new chance and an invitation to view the world with a sense of wide- eyed expectation.

We now have the ability to act freely. We can grab the brass ring on the merry-go-round and ride for free. This childlike free spirit carries hope, joy and a miraculous gift or opportunity. The new day dawns as we see our potential fulfilled and witness the arrival of heaven on earth. As the last face card of the deck, the Princess is both a culmination of the past and a new beginning. Offered the opportunity of a clean slate, we can begin again, act spontaneously and create our own way.

When the Princess of Wheels refers to a person, she is the personification of innocence. She can be a child or infant, one with the wisdom of a child. She is magical, full of laughter and affection, like a lucky child whose dreams come true. She may also represent one who, like a beloved newborn, is a dream come true.

This final card of the deck symbolizes also a new beginning. We awaken to the world born anew. It is a time for gratitude and anticipation. Once again granted an opportunity to know what we are choosing, we are beckoned on to choose Life. We can give form to our dreams and create sacredness in our lives with the help of Holy Spirit, the Holy One.


The Princess of Wheels reversed may be indicative of a warning, omen, or karmic arrival. It also can represent a visitation, either material, personal or spiritual, from which we will receive a teaching or communication that can transform our life. However, in this case it could bring a more difficult lesson.

The Princess of Wheels reversed may serve as a warning that we are being too innocent, naive or foolish. It’s time to grow up and take some responsibility.