12 June 2019 or 9 Sivan 5779 70 צץ TZADDI, FISH-HOOK

Essence: Tzaddi is symbolic of a fishhook. Now we can draw up nourishment from the depths and gather gifts, both for ourselves and to share with others. Righteousness and goodness connect us to each other and Divine Source. We can fulfill our purpose to share our authentic selves. Rider-Waite Tarot: The Star


Tzaddi is the number 90. It is symbolic of a fishhook.Tzaddi is the means by which we dip down into the dark Waters. In the depths of our own unconscious, we find, glistening in the murky deep, that our connection to the Mother’s Wisdom waits. Our responsibility is to know that the gifts we now draw up are not only for our own use and edification, not only for our individual development. They must be shared. Tzaddi, righteousness, is a reminder that a gift is nothing unless it is shared. It was through and for sharing that the earth was created.

When we can only fish with our hands, we are lucky to catch enough fish to feed ourselves. But with a fishhook enough may be caught to feed a family, providing sustenance both for ourselves, others and for the world. Sharing is so important; it is said that without the selfless acts of giving by the thirty-six Tzadiks, or righteous ones, the earth itself would perish. The use we make of our acquired wisdom and experience reflects our choice to nourish others or only our greed. Tzaddi is to serve and sustain others in the multi-hued joy of creation as we give back to the world the products of our rich accumulation. Eternally capable of giving and receiving, we can draw down inspiration from the Divine Source to put to practical use. We find food for body and soul, for ourselves and for the community at large. We realize our most profound and important purpose in this life is to share ourselves. Tzaddi

While Pe, 80, is the mouth, Tzaddi, 90, is the fishhook with which we lure and catch what we choose to nourish ourselves with. As the number 90, Tzaddi is a faceted reflection of Tet, 9, the Wise Serpent who led us to the knowledge of good and evil, and now demands that it be used and shared for the good of all.

symbolizes the goal or end toward which all Good tends, and the means to attain it as well.

Tzaddi shares symbolism with the Rider-Waite Tarot card,The Star, as it simultaneously reaches up into the heavens for inspiration, and plunges down into the depths, in order to obtain and share the fruits of Divine revelation.


When reversed Tzaddi is a warning against hoarding. We need to ask ourselves, “Am I being miserly?”

“What and how much do I need to feel secure?”
“What is holding me back from sharing?”
“What am I afraid of losing?”
If we feed our emotional projections such as fear, envy,

jealousy and prejudice, these projections interfere with our ability to give of our self. It may also be that we undervalue our own gifts because we are comparing them to others and need to recognize our uniqueness. We need to remind ourselves that nevertheless this is what we are here for. If we don’t hold back, but instead give of our authentic selves with a full heart, it is enough.

It may also be reversed because we lack inspiration. In that case we might ask ourselves, “What can I do to feel creative and inspired?”

“What action will help me stimulate and awaken my inspiration?”

The Tzaddi card is upside down because we need to be reminded that in the bounty of the Divine giving and receiving, there is no lack and therefore no necessity for fear.