12 March 2019 or 5 Adar2 5779 9 YESOD OF WHEELS


Essence: Now we need to find a new balance for our lives. We resolve divergent priorities and conflicting interests. Faced with our desire for creative self-expression and freedom, we are also committed to our responsibilities and desire for increased earnings.

The Yesod (nine) of Wheels represents the need for balance. We are in a state of internal conflict. We are conflicted about our living situation, personal relationships, or the demands of our work. Maybe we work at a job that is unsatisfactory in order to support a family. Perhaps our physical environment is incompatible with our needs or desires.

We now must move to reorganize our resources and resolve
the polarities in our life. This is a good time to re-examine our priorities and take a careful look at those aspects of our life that are not working. It is not necessarily any specific situation itself that is problematic; rather it is the balance and interaction between competing priorities that needs restructuring.

A clearer sense of organization, an adjustment in our living situation, or a re-evaluation of a relationship is needed. We are acutely sensitive to the impact our desired change might have on others, especially those who we love and for whom we feel protective.

This is a time for laying a foundation and advancing a new direction for our life.


The Yesod reversed could mean that sorting things out is more difficult. We may find our situation presents unexpected challenges. We struggle to understand our basic options, what is possible and what is not. We might even need a divorce or a new job. Either way, we need to find a better use of our resources.

It is most essential now to work on clear communication. Problems will be easier to resolve if we allow ourselves neither to be put on the defensive nor to be pushed to the offensive when attempting to confront difficulties. These issues may arise in family, work, school, or in any situation where we don’t want to antagonize or hurt others.

Now is the time to work on our communication skills and commitments. We must learn how best to communicate that which troubles us rather than attempting to ignore it.