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13 February 2019 or 8 Adar 1 5779 ALEPH OX HORNS 1ST א 1


Essence: Aleph‘s image as ox horns resemble the pelvic horns which represent The Great Mother, The One, which contains The Nothing and The All. We’re called to trust Creative Potential and Wisdom, Inner Truth. Love–the essence of all creation.

Swiss Tarot Magician: Rider-Waite Tarot : Fool


Aleph is number 1, the symbol of the ox, which in turn is a symbol of Goddess: Aleph is the number one and one thousand, the unity containing both the void and the multiplicity. It is the letter which, although silent, contains within it all of the other letters in their potential. Aleph is the first, last, and only One. It is The One that in its silence contains the nothing within The All. Aleph is the I Am, the primordial chaos, the moment of conception. It is Yin/Yang, Mother/Father, beginning, end, and Infinite Cause. In the dance of black fire and white fire Aleph is the macrocosm. Aleph is the undifferentiated everything before creation, the purest abstraction, the soundless sound before speech, the moment before the impulse to speak. Alephcontains the qualities of being female and male, old and young, wise and innocent.

Within It-Self, cradled in Aleph’s pelvic horns, the One dreams the Being/Becoming, the cosmic wisdom and infinite creative potential. This is a card of infinite potential expansiveness. Here is energy for chaos or creation. Before the choice of conception, before the cell is fertilized or divides, before it differentiates itself, before becoming, nothing or anything is possible.

Symbolic of the Eternal One, Aleph can go anywhere, become anything. In Answer to Moses (Exodus 3:1-17) The Eternal Holy One says, “I SHALL BE WHAT I WILL BE.” Because all choices are open in the moment before creation, if we draw the Aleph in a reading, it is essential to consider what it is that we want to create. We do not walk on solid ground. We risk all. Knowing our selves to be created in the image of the divine union of opposites in the moment before beginning, all is in perfect equilibrium. Trust is essential, for the dance is change, changing, creating, destroying, and recreating. Trust that which comes from our innermost beings, the inner truth. Love is the essence of all creation.

The dancing chaos, unformed sound and primary energy of the Aleph card resembles the archetype of the Fool found in decks influenced by Rider-Waite Tarot. As Creator Magician the Aleph is reflected in the Swiss Tarot


If reversed, the Aleph card warns against trying to solidify or stop that which cannot be contained or measured. It reminds us to remain open and fluid.

With the Aleph reversed, we must remember that sometimes it’s best to stop trying to make sense. When we confine our sense of what is Real, or The Truth, to a narrow concept, we only hinder our ability to unconditionally and spontaneously respond to the flow of life.