14 April 2019 or 9 Nisan 5779 4 HESED OF WANDS


Essence: Excitement. Exultation. Creative or spiritual expansiveness can lead us to become lost in inspiration. Everything flows and contributes as we are totally absorbed and one with our purpose.

The Hesed (four) of Wands indicates a time of creative and/or spiritual expansiveness and expression. We may become so attuned to the expansiveness of God’s love and immersed in our creative flow, that we lose the necessary awareness of our physical needs.

Carried away and lost in inspiration, we may forget to eat, lose track of our belongings or ignore our responsibilities. There may be feelings of tremendous exultation and excitement. We may become so merged with the Source and its expression that we lose track of what we are actually intending to create.

Where this usually wouldn’t be a good thing, at this time our total immersion can lead us to making creative accidents which can result in wonderful and unexpected directions. This state is essential for any creative work.

Although we may be temporarily unbalanced we will eventually come back, either through our own energy swings or from recognizing that we need to ask assistance, a helper, possibly even someone who will help keep track of our material or physical needs.

Make the most of this time of creative expansiveness and inspiration. It is important to realize that it will not last. If there is anything uninspired to do, get it done fast, get a helper or put it off until later.


If reversed, Hesed of Wands warns that we are in danger of flying off into the spacious fantasy of our creative ecstasy. In the upside down of Hesed, we have over-expanded our imaginings and are becoming lost to the reality that we will eventually be required to return into balance so as to actually produce what we have been inspired to create.

We are also required to attend to our own physical existence and its demands. Our health or the health of our relationships is endangered if we neglect the demands and responsibilities imposed by our physical reality.

Even when almost all our energy is focused on the birth process and creative outpouring, we nevertheless do need to take care of our relationships and those things which are absolutely necessary for survival.