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14 February 2019 or 9 Adar 1 5779


Essence: Love and joy as we allow ourselves to delight in our perception of the Holy Sacred world. Here, we know that our sense of purpose and the blessings we experience are a reflection of our connection to Source.

The heart must be joined to our inspiration for anything meaningful to be created. The Netzach of Wands indicates a time of pleasure, allowing the emotions to flow. We are reminded that, rather than escapes, fascinations and the accumulation of stuff, it is love and joy, physical pleasure and the myriad offerings of the natural world that give the product of our inspiration meaning. We trust that our experience of depth and awareness of meaning in our life is not a trick or gimmick, but a true expression of our connection to Source. We are a child of the universe, a lover in the dance and dancer in the love celebration of God and life.
It is as though a curtain has been lifted. Suddenly the world

burns with a crystalline brilliance; at that moment of intensity we know our limits, the precious fragility of life, but nevertheless we experience the joyful, the infinite/eternal encounter with the divine.

Our heart opens. Flooded by an awareness of our connection to the most radiant and incomprehensible beauty we feel a passionate sense of deep meaning and connection to Infinite Source.


When the Netzach of Wands is reversed we are on autopilot and no longer fully present. If we find ourselves feeling cut off or out of touch it may be a sign we need to cultivate a more joyful and loving attitude, to expand our concern from our self to an other. When we can find one thing for which to be grateful, it can help us reconnect with the absolute miracle and privilege of this gift of life.

Joy and pleasure in life can’t depend on external circumstances. Instead they depend on our own awareness. Stories filled with appreciation for the Eternal and Life have come even from those who under the most horrific conditions, surrounded by cruelty and devastation, were still able to transcend their suffering, and find beyond their pain a purpose, even gratitude and a reason to live another day.