15 June 2019 or 12 Sivan 5779 2 HOKHMAH OF SWORDS


Essence: Clearly seeing both sides of an issue. We weigh options and evaluate information. If required, we can fairly decide between opposing viewpoints or negotiate a middle way. This confers ability to discuss, communicate dispassionately, and prioritize. Gain or retain objectivity.

The Hokhmah (two) of Swords implies reasoning ability, comprehension and mechanical or intellectual brilliance, the capacity to see all sides of an issue. We have a need and natural ability to balance and weigh information. We can step outside ourselves to gain greater objectivity even if doing so may threaten our ego or self-interests. Meticulousness in this regard results in our clear evaluations of situations. This provides us with an unprejudiced and clear way of seeing and evaluating information, people and even our own behavior. We are open to constructive criticism and so are able to grow and make important changes in our life and relationships.

Often the Two of Swords expresses a need for self- expression through writing or discussion. It also indicates the use of these skills for settling conflicts, either within our own mind or in our relationships. There is increased understanding of opposing views, and an increased ability to negotiate, prioritize, and compromise. We can communicate our own views and also express an accurate comprehension of our opposition’s views. This is a good time to settle a debate or resolve even a deep antagonism, creating a truce, or ending a conflict.

The Hokhmah of Swords may also suggest that since we are of two minds concerning a given matter it will be wise to take more time for evaluating or gathering the necessary information before making a decision.