15 May 2019 or 10 Ilyar 5779 8 HOD OF CUPS

Day 26 Counting the Omar, Hod of Netzach ( Humility in Endurance). Humility in Endurence involves flexibility. When the storms of life come, as they always do, if we insist on rightiousness clinging to our spot and stance like a proud tall tree we will snap, or uproot and fall, but if we remain flexible and able to bend like the humble grass, we will weather the storm. Today’s card, Hod of Cups, Humility in Emotion (realm of relationships) is combined with Humility in Endurance. This combination reminds us that as storms and conflicts shake our relationships, we need to remain flexible. To endure; increased communication, compromise, and commitment help us weather the necessary, and often painful lessons we must absorb. As we learn to handle our emotional responsibilities to the group. Here, humility, our ability to bend, lets us discover capacities for love, understanding, compassion, patience and forgiveness we never imagined we had.


Essence: Following rest and reflection, we welcome the new elements introduced into our relationship, though we again must face unexpected demands, stresses and frustrations that push us to grow and adapt to new challenges.

The Hod (eight) of Cups represents the reverberation from the idyll of the Netzach (seven) of Cups. The child has been born. The parents or partners discover that the mutual nurturing of the product of their relationship is its own product and demands work.

The stress of parenthood, the unexpected differences in parenting styles and values, differing emotional and/or physical energy levels: all of these put new and more complex demands on the partners. There is a call for increased communication, compromise, emotional and physical commitment.

This is a time of conflict and even rage we never thought we had, a time of growth as we again struggle to learn how to resolve differences and preserve our self as well as our relationship. This can be difficult and often frustrating. As we are pushed beyond what we thought were our limits we discover capacities for love, understanding, compassion and a level of patience and forgiveness we never imagined we had.

The Hod of Cups also pertains to the struggles any effective group goes through. It reflects the necessary, and often painful lessons we must absorb as we learn to handle our emotional responsibilities to the group.


When the Hod of Cups is reversed, we may be attempting to escape from conflict or avoid communication by internalizing anger, sorrow, disappointment or frustration. It may be that some of the feelings we are experiencing seem somehow unacceptable or go against the image we like to have of’ ourselves. We try not to see them. It is important to realize that ignoring feelings does not make them go away.

We must ask ourselves, “What am I trying to hide from myself’?”

“What am I afraid of seeing?”
“Why am I afraid to communicate with my partner?”
If this state of withheld communication continues, it can be

damaging to us as well as to any of our relationships.