17 April 2019 or 12 Nisan 5779 KING OF WHEELS


Essence: A mensch who is down to earth and capable. Whatever his profession, he will be skilled, trustworthy and dependable. A faithful and loyal friend, this archetype is often a family man, straightforward and kind with great ability for enjoyment of life.

The King of Wheels is a friend who is creative yet down to earth. He may be a good businessman or teacher. This card may indicate an older loyal male friend and good counselor, or possibly an uncle or stepfather. He is the epitome of what we mean when describing one who is grounded.

Any advice he offers in an area such as business can be extremely helpful and trustworthy. A responsible, caring person, he is appreciative and nurturing of growing things. He is helpful, straightforward, uncomplicated, openhearted and dependable. His energy is light, easy going, patient and
slow to anger. He has a genuine enjoyment of life and an ability to balance work and play.

This card may also indicate a business associate who is pleasant and generous. The King of Wheels can even be a helpful stranger. He is often married, and whether or not he actually has a partner or children, by temperament he is probably a family man.


When reversed, this card may indicate an emotionally guarded man who, although affable, is basically uncommitted or unreachable. When angry, he can retreat into a stony silence and may be a rather unforgiving person.

At worst, this card reversed indicates an avaricious or miserly person of superficial values. He may be manipulative or hypocritical, more concerned with his own advantages in a situation than with anything else. He can be an opportunist, unwilling to make any effort that is not on his own behalf.