18 August 2019 or 17 Av 5779 PRINCESS OF CUPS

Essence: The new moon. A usually feminine archetype of a joyful, curious, romantic person. One who is affectionate and open hearted, youthful, loving and lovable. Although moody the moods don’t usually last long. When not referring to an actual person she represents our need to express and share love, heartfelt joy, playfulness and enjoyment of life and the pleasures of the sensual world.

Beneath her crescent crown is the warm and slightly mischievous smile of a younger sister who offers a cup of sparkling wine, balanced delicately and effortlessly between her fingers. This archetype encompasses the romantic, playful, curious nature and innocent vulnerability of youth.

When the Princess appears in our life the energy she represents is that of a bubbly, affectionate, open-hearted, generous and inviting person–loving and lovable. Her vitality, like a clear stream, reveals the shimmering depths of her soul. This has given her an optimistic and trusting nature. Generosity of spirit and wholeheartedness bring support for all endeavors. She is open about her feelings, and trustworthy. Usually cheerful, her angry or melancholy moods rarely last. She is beloved, sensuous and delighted by life.

When someone is reflecting this archetype they’re one whose life has been like a brook traversing a countryside filled with fields and wildflowers, woods and gentle hills. We may find the depths of innate wisdom and creativity are benefited when we join together with inspiring friends, where the learning and teaching are reciprocal, or by seeking the guidance of a wise guide or teacher who, like a riverbed, can hold and guide our energy.

The Princess card when not referring to an actual person can represent the new moon, awakening of love, our need to express and share love, heartfelt joy, playfulness and enjoyment of life and the pleasures of the sensual world.


When reversed, The Princess can be easily distracted or careless. Especially when she is swept up with enthusiastic enjoyment she may lose sight of the ground and her footing.

There is some danger that our energy will slowly dissipate into selfish complacency and emotional immaturity. This may be a warning concerning a tendency to stagnate.

This archetype may also indicate a shallow and self- indulgent young person or woman who uses her feminine wiles to manipulate others in order to further her own ends and ambitions. It may be a woman or a girl who uses the appearance of innocence to her own advantage. Finally, both this card and the Prince of Cups can represent our internal anima or animus, and the necessity of bringing these spontaneous internal manifestations of the self into the light of consciousness. They may operate in their most creative aspects, rather than their most destructive.