18 May 2019 or 13 Ilyar 5779 10 MALKHUT OF WANDS

Day 29 of Counting the Omar is Hesed of Hod (Lovingkindness in Humility). Real Love, that is not egotism in disguise, places the well-being and devotion to what ever, or whom ever, we claim to love as equal to, or even above, our self concern. Thus the soldier gives his life for his country, or a mother sacrifices her’s for her child. When Lovingkindness in Humility is joined with today’s card, Malkhut (Grounding) of Wands (Inspiration) we can allow our deep gratitude to Eternal Creator as we know ourselves to be the humble receivers of inspiration from Source. In this time of Goodness, we know ourselves to be only a child of the universe, lover in the dance and dancer in the love-celebration of Infinite Creator and life.


Essence: The full manifestation of inspiration and spiritual growth has been reached. That which once existed only in the realm of the ideal has become real. Contemplation and rest: this is a time for non-doing and profound openness.

The Malkhut of Wands refers to a time of Shabbat, of religious contemplation or meditation. We have breathed out, exhaling our life-work into the world. We now must allow inhalation to follow. This involves a time for non-doing, a profound openness, dwelling in the space between breaths until we are breathed into, inspired. We have been and experienced our selves as co-creators with The Eternal. We now can contemplate our creation and await our re-creation, next inspiration from Divine Source.

The Malkhut (ten) of Wands represents the highest potential of the Wands energies and the transitional or pivotal point, which unites Wands to the following Cups suit. In the ten of Wands, the work of manifestation is finished. The inspiration, work, practice and refinement of our creative imaginings are actualized in the world and the cycle of artistic inspiration and spiritual growth has reached the point of completion.

We are reminded that, rather than escapes, fascinations and the accumulation of stuff, it is love and joy, physical pleasure and the myriad offerings of the natural world that give the product of our inspiration meaning. Our deep heart-felt sense of gratitude guarantees our inspiration is not a trick or gimmick, but a true expression of connection. In the Malkhut of Wands we experience a time of goodness, allowing our emotions to flow. We know ourselves to be a child of the universe, a lover in the dance and dancer in the love-celebration of Infinite Creator and life.


When reversed the Malkhut of Wands card is a reminder that we are being too controlling and continuing to demand constant production from others or ourself. We need to release what has become a habit of pushing too hard. Take space to sit back, let go and rest in order to be renewed. This is not a time for control but rather a time for letting go, to allow life to flow through us, to simply happen.

In the act of breathing we can’t only exhale or inhale. When we are in tune with our process, we allow ourselves time to contemplate what we have created. We are called upon to recognize and bless our creation pronouncing it good, in gratitude. Here, the Malkhut card’s reversal reminds us that if we want to avoid burn-out we need to use this time for rest and renewal after having given birth to our latest creation.