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19 February 2019 or 14 Adar 1 5779 5 GEVURAH OF WHEELS


Essence: We feel discouraged as all our efforts come to naught. The job or break never came. Time to review priorities, hit the reset button and start over. We need faith, trusting that with increased self-knowledge and perseverance, we’ll find our way through this challenging time.

The Gevurah (five) of Wheels represents the arrival of lean times. Plans fall through. Good fortune we expected never materializes. It may be we lose or are at risk of losing a job. The stress and anxiety concerning our work, money or other resources now begins to have an adverse effect on our health and our intimate relationships.

We may be tempted to be stingy, fearful and overly self- protective. It is important to realize that this is no one’s fault. It is beyond our control and merely a reflection of the times. Sometimes all we can do is trust and not allow the apparent hopelessness of the situation to discourage or keep us from believing in our deeper sense of purpose. We may need to have a good cry, a pity-party. Then it’s time to review our priorities, re-examine our wants versus our needs, hit the reset button and change direction or start over.

All will turn around eventually as long as we persevere with our convictions. A generous attitude even in the midst of poverty helps. It may also help to re-examine our attitudes and beliefs to learn how they contribute to our misery.


When The Gevurah is reversed we may be even more fearful that our good fortune has flown away forever. This may in fact be the case. If so, we still have a choice as to our response, attitude and values. It may help to examine what might be learned from our present challenge. We may want to consider making adjustments to our life style and expectations. This can help fortify us in the face of any suffering.

This reversal can offer us an opportunity to develop new areas of creativity. We may discover inner resources that when cultivated can give us tools to transform ourselves, and our relationship to the situation. Then we can see it through new eyes.

It is important to remain responsible, fearless, open and able to respond to the demands of our times. Then positive changes begin to manifest. Even if literal wealth evades us our life can be richer with purpose and gratitude.