20 April 2019 or 15 Nisan 5779 9 ט TET, SERPENT, KARMA

Essence: Tet, a serpent, symbolizes the Great Mother. The Wise Preserving Force and Lawmaker offers us knowledge and loss of innocence, then holds us responsible for our choices. Our karmic teacher invites us to know our Holiness. Rider-Waite Tarot: Justice


Tet is the number 9, Serpent, Karma the Great Mother forming a shelter or roof with her body. She holds us in her dark lap and teaches us her wisdom. She protects and covers us over and rocks us to sleep. At the navel, the center where the secrets of life are hidden, she is the shield and natural preserving force, the energy that breathes and lifts us as we breathe.

Now made pure, we are given the power and the intelligence to fly with the highest Self. The serpent that tempted us with the knowledge of good and evil forces us to grow up. We have what is needed for a safe journey: a foundation and the loss of innocence, for Tet is good. “I would lead thee, and bring thee into my mother’s house who would instruct me…” (Solomon’s Song, 8:2)

While Chet is a fence around a field, Tet is the serpent protecting and surrounding the fence. Chet is a field or garden enclosed and Tet is the serpent of wisdom curled around the tree at its center. As the serpent in the garden who first inspired us with the knowledge of good and evil, she now holds us responsible for that which we have chosen to make our own. Tet is the truth we must face. Linked to wisdom and to prophetic dreams where the Divine reveals itself, She opens our mind to knowledge and our destiny. She is the lawmaker and counselor, the place deep in our center where we know whether our choices are right or wrong, healthy or destructive. When we are sheltered and immersed in goodness she is the hidden treasure, the wholeness that is in our own depths, a gift to be discovered. It is the miracle by which we live.

Tet is related to the Tarot card Justice. Here, at the center of the Garden, in the protection of her lap, we are taught and guided by the results of our choices. Tet is the natural consequences by which we learn; she is the collector of karmic debts, the severe but still-loving mother.


When Tet is reversed, it refers to those things we do that separate ourselves from our highest good or wholeness. There is too much concern with self-protection. We may be behaving in selfish and irresponsible, egocentric ways. We have grown too fond of the dark lap, sleeping curled and covered, even when She would have us wake up.

It is time to awaken and realize that it is only the hiding, the lack of trust in our relationships, the secrets we keep from ourselves and those we profess to love, that separate us from the Garden.