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21 February 2019 or 16 Adar1



Essence: Balanced thinking enables us to make good decisions. Seeing both sides of issues, we are fair, make better choices and can trust our own judgment and intellect.

The Tiferet (six) of Swords represents a triumph of intellect. Our mental energies function smoothly and well. Cutting through our illusions we are clear and insightful when making decisions or evaluating situations. Being self-aware helps us make choices that are beneficial to ourselves and others. We are able to act justly and treat ourselves and others with respect and fairness. The elements of justice and mercy are tempered and integrated. It is important to know we can trust our own judgment at this time. Able to perceive all sides of an issue, we

see things in perspective and can trust our own advice will be the best, no matter what another so-called authority might say.

This is a perfect time for negotiating a lasting peace, settling a lawsuit or working out a compromise or clear agreement. Although all stands in perfect equilibrium, it is still important to attend to even insignificant details, if we really take advantage of the propitiousness of the time.


When reversed, this card implies we’re getting what we deserve, which may or may not be what we want. This is a card of karma, but even karma is tempered with mercy in that there can be recognition that things done in the past may not be indicative of how we would handle them in the present. Thus, when this card appears reversed in a reading, it would be a good time to ask, “What pattern am I repeating, or about to repeat, which worked against me or didn’t bring me a desired result?”

This is a time when we are capable of seeing our patterns and stopping or altering our habitual response.

It is important to remember that when we change, our karma can clear as well. since the function of karma is to teach, not to punish. As we evolve our karma evolves as well. We are encouraged to ask if there is something we need to learn from our present situation. This is a time we may look back over our life for the cause of any pain or unease, and heal it.