21 June 2019 or 18 Sivan 5779 5 GEVURAH OF SWORDS


Essence: Narrowness of vision makes for dogmatic thinking. Perceiving our options to be limited or a lack of imagination may result in depression as we tell ourselves all is hopeless. We may become bitter and look to some despot or outside authority to think for us.

The Gevurah (five) of Swords refers to a contraction of mental energy. We are under the influence of closed- or narrow- mindedness, or are being shortsighted. Our vision is cramped. There is a danger of being enslaved by a dogmatic, habitual way of thinking or of perceiving reality.

The horizon of our possibilities seems low. Feelings of depression and hopelessness dominate our life. We may struggle to recapture the good old days. This can increase the likelihood of allowing someone who claims to be an authority to think for us. Narrowness of thinking and distrust in our ability to discern the truth or evaluate information may lead us to be overly dependent on the thinking of another, a cult or group who claims to have the only answer.

When subject to The Gevurah of Swords we may experience bitterness over wrongs done to us or be gnawed by feelings of remorse. We can’t stop going over our past mistakes. It is important to gain a clearer perspective. Review the flaws in our thinking that keep us from trusting our own inner wisdom. Examine the present circumstances of our life; analyze our attitudes, fears, and emotions. The resulting self-knowledge can offer our best possibility for change.

Because of the nature of Swords and especially of the rocket- like formation of the Five of Swords, realize that under its influence this depression can be only a temporary state. It is within our control.


When this card is reversed, the mental entrapment may be more severe, taking the form of hatred or, especially, envy. Envy is probably the most contracted thought pattern, since it is not related to anything so much as our own projections. Envy is both selfish and malevolent. When we envy we suffer from the deluded thinking that if the subject of our envy is hurt we will feel better. If he breaks his leg somehow our leg will feel better, or if she loses her fortune we will feel richer. When we are consumed by envious thoughts we fail to appreciate our own unique gifts.

Envy can even make us literally sick at heart. When reversed, the Gevurah of Swords may refer to a danger of heart disease, which can also be a physical manifestation of hatred and envy.