22 May 2019 or 16 Ilyar 5779 7 ז ZAYIN, SWORD, MALE GENITALS, ALL THAT DIVIDES

Day 32 Counting the Omar is Hod in Hod (Humility in Humility). When it is joined with the card Zayin, symbolic of all that divides, it describes the need to recognize that as we aware of our separate identity we remain nevertheless dependent on others for our survival and even for our very existance. With the Humility in humility, we are called upon to choose to acknowlege our indebtedness to the Holy One, and all those others upon which our happiness and survival depends.

Essence: Zayin represents a sword and all objects that divide. It encompasses concepts of duality and choice. This sword that divides becomes sword of desire, since the awareness of our separation from original wholeness is exactly what compels us to reflect, remember and urges us toward union just as Zayin, the genitals, create the longing to mate,

Rider-Waite Tarot: Lovers


Zayin is the number 7, a sword, a javelin, a weapon, and all objects that cut through the air, sword of desire. Zayin is the male genitals creating the desire to mate. Zayin is mating and the mate, wife and partner. The same energy that divides and discriminates, through the realization of being alone, separate, creates the urge to come together to be united with another. It is to pair and to be dependent. Zayin is movement: scattering seed, family, descendants to remember. When Zayin, the sword, is attached to free will, it can cut through and expose our greatest illusion: that of the “self-made person”, of “I think therefore I am,” the illusion we are more special than the rest of creation, separate from the Whole Holy, from God.

As the seventh day, Shabbat, it is the one day set aside, for us to rest and reflect on what has passed. We can now look back over the six preceding days and from that vantage point, that remembering, we are again invited to join ourselves to The Eternal and gain the perspective and wisdom we need for the upcoming week.

Zayin comes after Vav, for first we are linked to the Divine Source, as were the original Adam and Eve in Eden. Next, awakened, given Knowledge and thus the ability of choice, we separate ourselves from Holy Source, so that we may choose to be joined again. Our return, then, is on a very different level. Zayin is like the “terrible twos” when the child first realizes itself to be a separate being. It is this very thought which then creates the yearning for the perceived other .

It is a card of separation. Divided from our original infant- oneness, we begin to know ourselves and our parents as separate beings. Our dawning self-awareness divides us from Holy Source. We find ourselves expelled from our original Eden. The sword of our will bars our return to the innocent idyll of the past. We have eaten from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Knowing choice, we begin to choose our own way. Now we may freely choose to remember and honor our dependence on the other, to realize that without the other we are incomplete, and to remember Wholeness, from whence we came. Since Zayin is also about discernment, this card may indicate we are being pulled in two equally tempting directions. It speaks of our need to make a clear choice.

Zayin can be an affirmation that even if we have doubts, we have made the right choice. When we remember and reconnect to Holy Source, we see with Real eyes that our intuition united us with a deeper wisdom, and helped us discern the right choice.

The Zayin card shares some of the qualities of the Rider- Waite Tarot Lovers card. The ability to separate ourselves from what we consider our not-self allows us to discern between equal energies and choose our right way. Also, our awareness of separation has created a lonely ache and feeling of incompleteness that now becomes the longing to unite with another. This ache, of course, is the very thing that brings about our joyous union.


When the Zayin card is reversed, we are trying to avoid making a choice. Where taking a long time to deliberate an important matter may usually be a good idea, there are also times when we don’t have that luxury. Sometimes our very survival or happiness depends on fast, decisive action. The time has now come to cut through fearful negativity, trust our connection to the Divine purpose, and act.

This reversal may be an indication that we have hesitated too long because of indecisiveness or fear. A clear choice must be made.

The negative of the Zayin can indicate a wrong choice and our need to change course or make amends.