24 April 2019 or 19 Nisan 5779 QUEEN OF WANDS


Essence: A warm highly creative intuitive woman. She is inspiring, generous, a good friend: Possibly an artist. She can be fiery but not manipulative or underhanded.

The Queen of Wands represents one who is deeply connected with the Creative and yet grounded and rooted also in the world. Capable of joining both energies, the Queen looks back over her shoulder while her body faces forward. Her hand reaches palm up toward the flaming branch that floats beside her. Here the psychic manifests in her effortless creative generosity. Being one with the Energy that directs her life, there is no need to be manipulative. She can be kind, adaptable, a good, trustworthy friend, inspired and inspiring. She is an artist in whatever area she chooses, including those areas which are not commonly thought of as artistic; homemaking, teaching, mathematics, or science. Her particular occupation isn’t important but rather the high degree of creativity she brings to all her endeavors elevates even the most mundane activities to an art. Because she fosters creativity in others, she can also be a good, understanding mentor or teacher.

The Queen of Wands does not pretend to be what she is not. She responds honestly when her opinion is sought. Full of energy, she is the muse amused; goodness, gracious, great leaves of fire. Since change is so much a part of creativity, she is adaptable, and may be unpredictable, but never petty or underhanded. She is warm and at times fiery.


When reversed, or in negative manifestation, the queen can seem hidden, unreachable or remote. She may be too lost or absorbed in her own world to attend to practical matters. Her personal relationships may suffer, as the requirements of her creative spirit and inspiration may absent her from those who seek her support while she follows her muse.

Also, the energy with which she expresses herself may make her appear to be impatient, domineering or too authoritarian. When uninspired she feels cut off from Source. This can make her unhappy, depressed and irritable. The best cure is for her to begin to produce something, anything. The very act, even if unsuccessful when viewed from a critical perspective, is necessary to unblock any stuck physical, emotional or spiritual energy and reawaken her vital connection.