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24 February 2015 or 19 Adar 1 5779 וּו6 VAV PEG NAIL


Essence: Vav represents a nail or link to join separate parts as we build. In building relationships Vav is to meet and through sharing our depths, to be truly known. It is the penis linking one body to another, and the child who links us to the future.

Rider-Waite Tarot: High Priest / Pope


Vav, the number 6, derives from a symbol representing a peg, hook, nail, or link. When we need to build something, it is to assemble, to nail down, to put together. Vav is to meet, to share ourselves, to be known.

As a means of connection, Vav is the element with which we join the sometimes disparate elements of our lives. It is the way we link our lives with others. Vav is the penis, which links one body to another, and the child who connects us to the future.

We recognize now that we are each unique yet can work together, because Vav is also to engage in discussion and to compromise. Most important, when we confess, bringing to light the truth where there has been a lie, Vav is how, by so doing, we join ourselves to another. Through revealing our inner darkness and bringing it into the light of relationship, we allow ourselves to be fully known. It’s about the need for self- acceptance and for accepting others for their unique selves. When we connect we become whole. So Vav can bring high and low together, linking heaven to earth, for to know our full selves is to know God.

While the Heh represents the individual still deeply immersed in relationship with Shekinah, the Feminine Presence, Vav is representative of the method by which this connection is accomplished. It describes that solid yet available Presence which links the otherwise opposite worlds of the Divine consorts.

The Vav card can be compared to the Rider-Waite TarotHigh Priest, in that both archetypes address themselves to the ways in which we link ourselves to God.


If the Vav card is reversed, it speaks of the need to confess that which we might rather not reveal. It speaks of shame which keeps us from being fully present and connected to others and even life itself.

When reversed this card reminds us of our lack of compassion and conversely the necessity of developing greater compassion for others and especially ourselves.

In reversal the Vav may refer to a tendency to give away our power or shut off our ability for discernment so that others are able to shame us. By so doing, we may give away our authority, as we are wrongly led to believe that only they can create the connection, instead of trusting our own ability to do it ourselves.