25 October 2019 or 26 Tishri 5780 שׁש300 SHIN, SERPENT’S TOOTH, 3rd MOTHER-FIRE

Essence: Symbolic of a serpent’s tooth, Shin is the fiery serpent Mother, destroyer of illusion. Shin first offers us choice, knowledge, power and the ability to be free. Our world explodes awake to a new perceptual paradigm. Our life’s meaning is transformed. Rider-Waite Tarot: The JudgmentSwiss Tarot: The Fool


Shin is the number three hundred. It is the symbol of the serpent’s tooth. Here in the realm of Shin, the fiery serpent offers us the choice of obedience to the Father Protector, who tells us that if we eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil we will die. We can also choose to accept the advice of the wise Mother Serpent who promises us both wisdom and divinity if we eat the fruit. Three times the tree is referred to as the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, indicating by the use of the word an expression of a non-dualistic Divine reality.

Gimel, 3, is a conduit for the Divine Energy from the heavens, to descend into the world. Lamed, 30, is the illuminating Divine Energy of the world rising up from earth to the heavens. Shin, 300, moves neither solely up nor down, but rather into a wholly new dimension. The merging of the three mothers: Aleph, Mem and Shin, Air, Water and Fire, symbolically come together in Shin to prepare for the birth of Mother Earth, a new form—a new reality. The most difficult questions asked in Quf are answered in Shin.

After our re-creation in Resh (in the garden of double blessing of Genesis I) we find ourselves like Adam and Eve in Genesis II, facing Shin, the fiery serpent mother of birth, death and rebirth. Where Resh is the innocents in the Garden of Eden, Shin is the serpent’s entry into a new world.

The Sacred Serpent’s bite instantaneously solves all riddles, transporting us to the heart of All Truth. Gimel and Lamed involve movements of the Divine Energy in the dimensions of time and space, whereas Shin refers to a reality existing beyond time and space—a dimension where there is no need for energy to travel from here to there because there is no “there.”

In Shin, God the Divine Perceiver speaks to us of our mortality when we are one with the masculine aspect of God. The Perceived Mother Serpent offers us immortality in the wisdom of Shekinah, the Feminine aspect. Actually Perceived and Perceiver are one. It is the same inseparable Eternal One who in the book of Genesis speaks, saying, “Let Us make Man in Our image and after Our likeness…” that now presents the polarized voices of opportunity.

As the destroyer of illusion, Shin‘s wisdom encourages us to see our nakedness, surrender our fears and know our true selves. We are both mortal and immortal, male and female, good and evil, yet above all we are whole. The tooth that tears down limitations of form cuts through from one reality to another.

The serpent bite of the Shin carries us beyond the materialist idea of reality. We enter the domain of consciousness—of timeless Self where creation and dissolution flow simultaneously, forming, and transforming. For Shin is neither animal nor human, neither angelic nor demonic, neither day nor night, but always, all ways.

Shin explodes the solid appearance and apparent safety of our world. It is the exalting transformer, awakening us first to our death and aloneness, and then, if we can stand it, to the interweaving Perfection, the experience of Shema,(Hearing, to Know God’s Unity). In Shin we enter the realm where words fail, where all experience vibrates with the radiant Great Mystery. Shin involves awakening to a new perceptual paradigm, transforming the context and meaning of our life. The experience of the most intense joy, simultaneously of such terrifying and awesome beauty, moves us to inexpressible realms beyond our normal understanding.

Shin is Shabbat (the Sabbath) the creative silence of the heart resting with the Divine, and shalom, the peace we make when we live with the consciousness of the multiple unity of ourselves, and God. Shin represents the power of three multiplied one hundred times thereby increasing and emphasizing the symbolic power of the triad to both transform and harmonize the opposing forces of duality. The ternary (triad) symbolized by Shin, represents the inner structure of The Holy Unity.

The Shin is similar to Rider-Waite Tarot card, Judgment and Swiss Tarot card of The Fool. It represents equilibrium, which might last a second or a lifetime. We are balanced rejoicing in the Divine presence. We stand between wisdom and madness. Shin is similar to both the Rider-Waite Tarot card, Judgment and the Swiss Tarot card, The Fool, as both involve us being awakened to new-born innocence or reborn into a new perceptual paradigm.


The Shin reversed may indicate a lack of balance, or that we have become imbalanced in any number of ways. It could be warning us that we are standing on thin ice. We may feel overwhelmed, flooded with more sensory, psychological or spiritual input than we are able to stand. We may need to develop blinders in order to slow down the flow of input to a level, which we can safely handle.

When our card is reversed, it can indicate a time of clairvoyance or healing crisis. We could be experiencing a time when we are either in or out of our mind, or both simultaneously. In times of great internal transformation, we are advised to insure we maintain our psychological and spiritual equilibrium.

Because Shin is joy, laughter, clarity, judgment, and rest, when we cultivate these traits, we can find a way to regain, and maintain, our needed balance.