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26 February 2019 or 21 Adar 1 5779



Essence: We are excited about exploring new interests. As we develop a clear sense of our goals we can focus on expanding our education to that end. We gain the skills we need. We learn from our failures and mistakes as well as our successes.

The Hod (eight) of Wheels represents industry. It is a time of action. We are learning new skills, expanding our knowledge, responsibilities and contacts. This is a time to explore new interests, and for the development and refinement of skills.

We are willing to put forth the hard work and perseverance needed because we understand their importance as we pursue our goals. We also focus on building our skill at networking and the development of our community relationships.

Here, there is an interdependence of goals, skills and interpersonal relations. We recognize and are grateful for the support we receive and for all that has brought us to this moment.


When the Hod is reversed, it represents industry carried to excess: overbuilding, overproduction, hoarding and anxiety over resources and our abilities. Here is the workaholic so involved with money, power, or material satisfactions that they neglect all else. Our relationships suffer as a result, as might also our health. Family-, social- and love-life can deteriorate from neglect. It is important to slow down, relax and develop greater trust and better communication skills.

If we don’t slow down and listen to other people’s needs, interests, and ambitions as well as our own, we risk burning out our associates as well as ourselves.

If we can learn to focus on all aspects of our chosen work or project, we will realize what techniques and interpersonal skills we need to develop or refine. Then we can learn from our failures and mistakes as well as our successes.

It may be we are required to work at networking and developing our community relationships. We become willing to put forth the hard work, compassion and perseverance needed. We understand their importance as we pursue our goals.