26 June 2019 or 23 Sivan 5779 PRINCE OF WHEELS

Essence: A sensuous youth or one who is just young at heart. He or she may be a student: successful, free-spirited, athletic, and friendly. This person may be a good lover because of a sensuous nature and the pleasure they derive from giving pleasure to others.


When referring to a person, The Prince of Wheels is friendly and down to earth. When not referring to an individual known to the Querent, the card may indicate the arrival of a stranger, male or female, who can be of help to the Querent in some important and practical way. She can be a successful and powerful businesswoman or a teacher with a youthful outlook and the ability to inspire others with her ideas and, sometimes, her playful energy. This card might also refer to a student, or to one starting out on a journey or quest. He or she, is intelligent andsympathetic, a sensuous, pleasure-loving person whose ability to share their physical delight in life may make them a good lover

The Prince of Wheels is open and honest and can be a loyal friend, loves animals and children, and can be a lot of fun to be with. He can be a helpful employee or co-worker. His advice is often both practical and relevant to the situation at hand.

He can be a creative and spontaneous person, yet his feet are always firmly planted in reality.


When reversed, this person can be hard to know or secretive. It may be a source of frustration when we attempt to get to any emotional depth. The reversed Prince can represent the type of person who appears to be open and warm with great potential for relationship, but who is actually somewhat remote and evasive when we get too close.