28 July 2019 or 25 Tammuz 5779 2 HOKHMAH OF WANDS

Essence: Reflection and receptivity. We may experience conflict between our initial inspiration and the work required if we wish to manifest the full expression of that which originally inspired us. We wonder if it is worth the effort.

The Hokhmah (Two) of Wands represents a state of division or internal conflict between our initial inspiration and the energy that it takes to manifest it. There may be an apparent divergence from the source of our inspiration. This is a time for gaining perspective, a time for reflecting on our conflicting and paradoxical perceptions. These conflicts can, if we are receptive, lead toward spiritual growth, greater understanding and a higher level of integration. To dream is easy. To manifest the dream requires work, patience, and persistence.

We may be feeling separated from our source of inspiration. If this is the case, it is important to realize that this separation can be useful. It allows us the opportunity to evaluate our inspiration in order to know if its pursuit would be the best use of our energy or if it would it be better to wait. With the Two of Wands, we have left the womb, the source of creativity, the center of security. The sheltering world of our dreams and fantasies has not been left easily, but with fear and trembling, and yet, in this process, we are already participating in the beginning of our own creation. It is the beginning of individuation, the beginning of responsibility for our own creative process.


If reversed, the Hokhmah of Wands card could indicate a failure of observation and a danger of self-delusion, empty dreams of glory, an unconsidered following of an idea we take as inspiration without being aware of its source or potential demands.

This is the time for questioning our initial impulse. We need to ask, “Does this idea represent our best choice or focus for our energy? Or is it simply the first result of a brainstorm?”

“What steps will this process require?”

“How much time or sacrifice might be necessary to make my idea a reality?”

This reversal may also indicate an unwillingness to wake up from the dream. The time has come to quit our unnecessary clinging to the past and move on.