28 May 2019 or 22 Ilyar 5779 QUEEN OF SWORDS

Day 29 Counting the Omar is Netzach of Yesod (Endurance in Foundation) . When in combination with the Queen of Swords card (an ambitious, capable, intellectual woman) describes the descerning intellect, self disipline, persistance and time is needed if we want to build a lasting foundation. The danger we need to be wary of is to not let our ambitions to tempt us to use manipulation and ruthlessness in the attainment of our goals. Even when tempted to let the end justify the means, it’s important to check our rationalizations for only ethical means can build a lasting foundation.


Essence: An ambitious capable woman of powerful intellect. Her values reflect those of the patriarchy. Repressed and controlling of herself and others, she is observant, complex and manipulative. These qualities may make her an effective, sometimes ruthless leader.

The Queen of Swords is a woman who embodies the patriarchal values. She has powerful mental abilities and tremendous self-control. She can be graceful, charming, glamorous and extremely adept in social situations. Although no one really knows her, they may think they do. She can be a keen observer and interpreter of information. She is a complex personality, sly, devious and ambitious. The Queen of Swords is often interested in power and may function with great effectiveness and authority in the patriarchal realm. If necessary, she is capable of using her feminine charms to obtain her desires. Status and position have a strong attraction for her. With her clever quick wit and ability to articulate her thoughts, she can be absolutely ruthless when pursuing her goal.

When her tremendous energy is directed toward a humanitarian or beneficent pursuit, she can be an effective and dynamic force for social change, especially if her heart can be engaged.

It may be this archetype is a recluse or nun for she can be deeply committed to intellectual or religious study and ideals. Although the Queen of Swords may be a controlling and repressed person, on occasion she can be reachable when it engages her intellect or serves her purpose, or what she considers to be a higher purpose.


When reversed, the Queen of Swords may be a widow or a woman who has suffered great sorrow. She could be someone suffering with a chronic illness or physical disability.

This usually feminine archetype may when reversed be reflective of one who rationalizes the hopelessness of her position. By so doing she encloses her heart in suffering. This disease may stem from either a mental or physical origin.

The character of the Queen reversed can indicate a person who is consumed by bitterness or envy. She can have a cutting wit or she may be judgmental and sarcastic. She is one who can be devastatingly cruel without ever scratching the polished surface of politeness.