29 June 2019 or 26 Sivan 5779 4 HESED OF WHEELS


Essence: Expansive good fortune. Our way is open and effortless. Everything we do comes out right and furthers our ambitions. Nevertheless in fat times moderation is necessary so as not to be caught short in the lean times which may follow.

The Hesed (four) of Wheels is like a gift from the universe. There is great expansion in the material world. Money and good fortune pour in. That for which we have been striving seems to come with ease and grace. We seem to have the Midas-Touch. In this time of great abundance we are suddenly able to attain the object of our desires.

Enjoy the feeling of expansive abundance and freedom from want, while still remembering to set a portion aside, in terms of material wealth and physical and emotional energy, so that when reversals come we have not depleted all our stores.
In spite of the appearance of total success, the Hesed reminds

us that now, while we are living in abundance, we must use this prosperous time to be grateful, remembering that our good fortune is not a reward, is not only from our own doing, and to prepare for the lean times which may well follow. In anticipation of a reversal, it is essential to be moderate in our expenditures and to avoid wasting our time, energy or resources. If we are careful to gather and store nourishment before the famine comes, we will be protected and not taken unaware.

As part of our preparations we gather the able helpers we will need, assemble the colleagues and people who are trustworthy, capable and who hold the same values as we do. The work ahead will require collaboration, flexibility and possibly a group effort. It is also important to remain generous to our associates. If we are circumspect, we will make it through the lean time ahead and emerge from it with even greater prosperity.


If the Hesed is reversed, we are in danger of throwing ourselves away or wasting our resources. We need to consider whether we are allying ourselves with unworthy people or casting pearls before swine.

Conversely, we may be not listening to good advice because of the source from which it comes. It is important now to re- examine, and possibly value more highly, the advice we receive even if it comes from an unlikely source.