29 May 2019 or 23 Ilyar 5779 QUEEN OF WHEELS

Day 40 Counting the Omar Hod of Yesod (Reverberation in Foundation). It is through the repeated action of collaboration and mutual receptivity, between those with differing interests that a solid foundation is built. When combined with the Queen of Wheels, it is this archtype’s Feminine, worldly, grounded energy that helps us see the value of the other’s ideas and interests as equal to our own. It is this humility that allows the foundation to support both. And so we recognize our world, and all that succeeds as the result of co-creation where all have ownership and responsibility for the success of the whole.


Essence: A friendly and sympathetic woman. She is down to earth, honest with a clear, easy-going, nurturing energy. Generous, mature and capable, she helps foster the growth and development of those in her proximity. She may also be hard to get close to, or to know.

The Queen of Wheels is very much of this world. She is kind, responsible and good humored. She can be a good and trustworthy friend, empathetic and thoughtful of the feelings of others. She is capable, well grounded and possibly good in business, sales, teaching, or any occupation where a sympathetic temperament, combined with a discerning and intelligent mentality, is called for. She can be ambitious but is not usually petty or cutthroat. This card may represent an aunt or the mother of a friend, or possibly our own mother or mother-in-law. She may be hard to get close to or understand, as there is some mystery about her.

She is a nurturing person who helps foster our growth or development in some material way, either offering needed and useful practical advice and/or assistance, or through supplying physical nourishment or healing.

She can be a good gardener, either metaphorically or literally, enjoying and sharing the fruits of her creative nurturance.


This card reversed (like all reversed character cards) may indicate the archetype is describing one who is male instead of female.

Alternatively, in negative position, it may indicate we are being too insecure and dependent on outside influences. Lacking confidence, we rely too much on others for validation. We need to learn to trust our instincts and that our unique heart-felt offerings are enough.

the damaged Holy’s
bright fertile tears leak through each imperfect shell’s crack

This reverse placement may indicate we are dealing with someone who is overly concerned with appearances, one who is untrustworthy, greedy, opportunistic and overly fond of money and luxury.

She might have a tendency to become overly immersed in her work and have no time for deep relationships. This card may indicate that for all her friendliness she may be a hard person to get to know.