30 April 2019 or 25 Nisan 5779 PRINCE OF CUPS


Essence: A masculine archetype of a romantic, humorous and charming youth, who is handsome, poetic, understanding and sensitive. This card may also refer to the arrival of a message of an emotional nature.

The Prince of Cups can symbolize communication concerning a love relationship.  It might also indicate the search for a passion or that this is a time of emotional growth and experimentation. Allowing ourselves to risk some emotional vulnerability is necessary for growth. It may be time to follow our heart, rather than head, to trust in the absolutely irrational power of love. 

The archetype of the Prince of Cups can represent a romantic young man: handsome, poetic, understanding and sensitive. He is a humorous and charming person. The soft dove-shaped beret he wears connects him to the Mother. With a seductive smile he offers a cup of sparkling wine to the person he desires. It is through offering himself that he finds the support he needs.

The ability to give himself wholeheartedly to any endeavor is his greatest strength and virtue. He can be a considerate and tender lover, brave and protective of his home and family. Like a rushing springtime river, his energy propels him, carrying others along with his intuitive leadership and enthusiastic momentum. It is therefore most important for this youth to remember to remain considerate of others. Even in his exuberance he must be careful not to lose touch with ethical values in the pursuit of his goals.


If the card is reversed, it may indicate a danger of throwing ourselves away or wasting energy on unworthy pursuits or people. It may be a warning against our selfish impulses and behavior or that of a friend or lover. 

Reversed, the Prince may be hypocritical, giving only the appearance of positive aspects. Actually he is a seducer in the worst sense, for his own ends or ego.

He may need to develop circumspection and patience so that he does not throw himself away on unworthy people or pursuits. He may be manipulative of the emotions of others, a dance-away lover, full of hollow promises, irresponsible in his emotional treatment of others. Thus, this card reversed may indicate a need to wait and look carefully before being swept away by another’s enthusiastic energy.