30 March 2019 or 23 Adar 2 5779 9 YESOD OF WANDS


Essence: Preparation. Perspiration is required for our inspiration to manifest. Now we build the sweat equity essential to any lasting creative work. If you’re a healer, chef, or musician, practice. If you’re a writer, edit and rewrite. Even if the work is boring and frustrating, it is necessary.

The Yesod (nine) of Wands is the foundation of creation: work, the basis of manifestation. It is the ninety-percent- perspiration necessary to fully manifest the ten-percent- inspiration. Having had the faith and taken the leap into the unknown to follow our dream, we are now given courage to follow our vision. Knowing only our labor and sweat can make it happen, we may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities and tasks that creativity requires. But self- discipline and perseverance is essential. Here, the musician practices six hours a day or more, so that the fingers are fast enough, strong enough, flexible enough, and knowledgeable enough to allow the essence, the heart, spirit, and soul of the music to pour through them into expression. So it must be with any creative endeavor.


When Yesod of Wands is reversed, either the work required is more difficult than we are capable of doing at this time or we are not working hard enough. Temptation to laziness and distraction can interfere with or prevent the completion of our work, or stunt our full expression.

It is essential to be aware that the work required often is not merely our involvement with the dynamics of completing physical tasks. It is also the work of accepting our responsibility for diligence, as we must develop our psychological and spiritual alertness to our internal processes and automatic/habitual responses.

We are reminded that sometimes it’s easier to live in hell than to expand our awareness and allow ourselves the experience of heaven.