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11 February 2019 or 6 Adar 1 5779

Essence: Thinking is expanded untileverything and anything can be rationalized. We have too much faith in our detached mental ability to solve all problems. Egotism of self-righteousness and self-deception is predominant.

The Hesed(four) of Swords represents a time of extreme expanded mental energies. Our thinking is imbalanced. Everything can be rationalized. Ends are considered the justification for any means chosen. We may believe that power and the use of force is the only way for obtaining a desired outcome. We are being warned that our weapons are disproportionate to the task: an atom bomb dropped on an anthill; choosing a drug which is more dangerous than the disease it’s meant to treat; a war where people no longer know why they are fighting yet still cannot stop. TheHesedof Swords may be an outgrowth of our frustration as a parent, spouse or friend. Having been tested to the limit, we find ourselves rationalizingabusive or bad behaviorwherewe maysay or do something we might regret.  

Our actions in thrall to our imbalanced thinking may have a manic quality. It becomes important to slow down and think things through and reexamine our assumptions. We now must allow more time to evaluate our performance and look again at our motives. 

With theHesedof Swordswe might ask, “What do I need in order to gain a better perspective of the situation? Isn’t it time to take a breather?” 

We need to stop for a moment, take a breath and see the absurdity of our position. It’s time to let the light of humor in through our clouded thinking. 


In The Hesedreversed we’re being forcefully asked by some circumstance to pay attention to other aspects of life. Stop focusing on the solitary pursuit of some ambition or goal and focus within. When we look and listen to that inner guide, it can give us the answer and lead us to find a more effective direction toward which to focusour mental energy. 

This reversal can be a warning we are in danger of physical disease. Mental and physical states are interconnected. It can especially refer to diseases such as fevers, infections, or any other malady that comes on suddenly and spreads rapidly throughout the body. Time to take preventive measures. Be aware the body is not just a servant of our great brain. Mental stress such as worry and anxiety may be better controlled, by focusing on the present moment rather than a not-yet-existent future.  

This reversal reminds us that the body and immune system needs our attention, cleansing, nourishment, care, respect and love to thrive. Find ways to release or lower stress. And, even if we’re having fun, conserve our energy. Take it easy!