4 May 2019 or 29 Nisan 5779 10 MALKHUT OF CUPS

Day 15 Counting the Omar, Today, the Hesed of Tiferet (Lovingkindness of Compassion) is read together with with todays card, Malkhut of Cups (Grounded Fullness of Love’s perfection). In this we recognize that all acts of compassion, all we do for the other we are also doing for ourselves. Every action of love or compassion we show another, heals us and expands the meaning of our own life. So we recognize and are grateful for the gift the one whom we are serving, is giving us by allowing us to extend our compassion to them. We are grateful our expansion of love and compassion, when grounded in the ever-changing experience of Love’s manifestation, nurtures both giver and reciever creating a circular rather than hierarchical relationship.


Essence: Love brings the heart’s repose. Perfection is experienced as an ever-changing experience of Love’s manifestation in a long-term relationship, both mundane and miraculous.

The Malkhut(ten) of Cups is the earth, the material world where we can actually touch God in our relationships. Here, love in all its totality brings the heart’s repose. Perfection is experienced as an ever-changing experience of love’s manifestations. We have entered the essential Holy wholeness. The highest and most profound is united with the lowest and most mundane of our activities. Even when we are deep in the well, beneath the dark waters of conflict, anger and frustration, we feel the shining fluorescence–the enlightening Light, Love.

All of experience is permeated with the manifestation of the Divine when we take responsibility for our contact with the deep inner source, which is always whole and perfect.

There is Grace even in our most mundane actions: organizing a space or project, cleaning up a mess, housework, child-care, correcting punctuation. The conscious realization of our participation in the miraculous nowmanifests in our relationship to life. This card represents a depth and history of commitment and responsibility that many years of shared love and compassion have forged. We are grateful for blessings. Our Prayers and efforts flow together with the Divine. 


When the Malkhutof Cups is reversed, there is an inability to see the forest for the trees. Confusion or lack of perspective due to old or habitual ways of relating dominate. We are losing sight of the whole as we become consumed with petty disagreements and difficulties. Things of no real significance are getting blown out of proportion. Let them go. If you get tired of picking up your partner’s socks off the living room floor, learn to live with a messy house or hire a housekeeper. Or, choose to live separately even while still in love. Explore what options are possible if we allow ourselves to think outside the box.

The reversal of the Malkhut may indicate a time when we need to ask ourselves, “What in this relationship, or in my expectations, do I need to alter or let go?”

Finally, as the Malkhut position in any suit is symbolic of a culmination, this card is about the part of loving that involves letting go. It can mean letting go of fruitless expectations that people’s natures will change. It can refer to the letting go of children so that they can make their own lives. It may involve letting go of each other, as we all must in the end. 

When we release our grasp on the other and let go, only the clinging is gone. Love alone remains.