6 June 2019 or 3 Sivan 5779 7 NETZACH OF CUPS

Day 48 counting the Omer, is the Yesod of Malchut (Foundation in the Material Realm) here combines with the Netzach of Cups (Eternal Endurance of Love). On the second to last day of counting the Omer, we see the Eturnal Endurance of Love united within the Foundation in the Material Realm. Yesod in Malchut can also be understood as Bonding Grounded in the World. This makes it also about the Foundation of relationship. When we can love ourselves and know our own value, and individual sovereignty only then can we truly love and honor the individual sovereignty of another. Now, the Eturnal Endurance of Love is united within the Foundation in the Material Realm. Without this Love the world is empty of beauty and life has no value. For Love Eturnal and the recognition of the individual sovereignty of all that we love and all whom we love forms the very Foundation of our world and any world we create.


Essence: Relaxation and joy born of mutual fulfillment as the relationship grows effortlessly. This is a restful, contemplative period, a time of internal growth, like an untroubled pregnancy (either figurative or literal).

The Netzach (seven) of Cups represents a time of deep mutual fulfillment for the relationship. The relationship grows without apparent effort on our part. It is a time of relaxation and joy. It is, for example, the restful contemplation and unhurried pace of an easy pregnancy. This card represents the internal growth necessary before the relationship can expand into the world in a new way or with a new orientation. As partners we review our shared past, grateful for the mutual efforts that have brought us to this present moment.

As we may also be partner to our self, we may have recently resolved an internal conflict. Now, no longer divided into two minds or hearts in a matter, the partner this card refers to may actually be an aspect of our own internal self.

When we are at rest, we have a chance to re-collect ourselves and gather strength as we look forward to a new beginning. This may take the form of a physical child, or any other new shared endeavor or labor of love that will expand from the protected womb of our relationship into the world. Possibly our priorities have shifted in an unexpected direction that requires us to use this break in momentum to prepare for the beginning of a renewed expansiveness.

Growth now involves an internal, possibly unconscious or undirected process. What is needed is patience, appreciation, mutual nurturing of each other and creative openness. There is no need to push the river. Instead we are called upon to allow ourselves to drift on the current and absorb the beauty that surrounds us. A time to enjoy, be grateful, and just be.


The Netzach of Cups reversed may be an indication that we are coveting the good fortune of others instead of appreciating and cultivating our own relationship. We may feel like an outsider and resent other people for blessings that appear to come so easily to them while they are so hard for us to attain.

The reversal of the Netzah can indicate the need to take responsibility for the difficulties or shortcomings we are experiencing as we try to create and maintain healthy, fulfilling relationships. Only then can we find the resources and develop the skills we need to create the kinds of relationships we aspire to.

This reversal may occasionally signal an unrealistic or inappropriate yearning for a child, as in the case of a couple who wants a child to keep their marriage together, or the woman or teenager who wishes for a baby to have somebody to love them.

Finally, this reversal might refer to the desire to jump into a marriage or partnership prematurely, without really understanding what such a partnership would involve.