Essence: As our material success becomes firmly established, we finish projects and tie up any loose ends. Expressive of gratitude and aware that no one ever succeeds alone, we are generous to others with our assistance and support. Prosperity must be shared.

The Tiferet (six) of Wheels represents a time when our material resources become firmly established. There is now enough for our own use, and we have the opportunity to share with others. Through generously sharing our good fortune we may find we gain even greater spiritual and emotional wealth as well as possibly increasing our prosperity.

Material success, coupled with generosity of heart, brings healing on all levels to ourselves and those with whom weare in contact. There is an opportunity to heal all our relationships with family, friends and work associates. In this context, material stability and success becomes a bridge and a link between people, enhancing our relationships. Freed from financial strife we have some breathing room. Now is the time to finish whatever we have left unfinished. As the spirit of heart-driven generosity can heal emotional wounds, this is the time to ask forgiveness for whatever hurt we have caused, and to forgive anyone who has intentionally or unintentionally harmed us. We are offered the opportunity to perfect and appreciate Goodness in the world we’ve created.


The Tiferet card reversed retains the essential meaning of its upright position. However, although we may have it all, our fear of loss and unnecessary hoarding of resources holds us back and keeps us from being generous.

Our fear of losing our material and/or emotional or spiritual resources may result in the loss we fear. Even if we retain our wealth, we risk losing the nurture of our gifts, talents, and relationships, all of which give meaning to the material. We then find ourselves impoverished no matter what our material state.

We need to overcome our self-doubts and develop greater trust in our resources and resourcefulness and in the Essential God-ness of life.