7 April 2019 or 2 Nisan 5779 10 MALKHUT OF SWORDS


Essence: Thought’s ability to solve our life problems has carried us as far as it can. Now our cool intellect merges with the warmth of the heart, becoming compassion, true wisdom and love.

The Malkhut (ten) of Swords is the end of thought. Thinking has reached its limit: the revelation that thought alone has not and cannot bring us the answers we seek. Those things which thinking has created have at best, solved only issues of communication, or pragmatic and technological problems. We learn that only when the lightning of thought merges with the deep ground of our heart can it become true intelligence, compassion and love. Thought now must come to rest before it can evolve to love. Love is ever changing: a vital, spontaneous,complete and responsible involvement with another.

At the height of our thinking ability we become self-directed, exercising conscious wariness that alerts us to our habitual thought processes. Detecting and naming the thoughts that chain us to our destructive emotions—paranoia, hatred, obsession, and envy—enables us now to detach. We are now willing to sacrifice our illusions and become mindful of our conditioning. Increasing consciousness can help us become free from enslavement. As we release those negative mental habits that lie at the root of all duality, sadness and fear, we begin to recognize our connection to ALL. We are awakening on the fertile ground of our immediate and perpetually changing truth.


When the Malkhut of Swords is reversed, our energy is not grounded. The Swords point down becoming a sharp rain descending to cut our imagined reality to ribbons. All we have clung to for security is shredded. The ground beneath our feet has shifted. We fear that mental anguish, death, ruin, sorrow, grief, fear or misfortune, are upon us. And they may be.

If this is the case, we can grow through this bad time by recognizing we may call upon resources other than thought to restructure our reality.

We need to remind ourselves that the one thing we can be certain of is change. Everything changes and so we gain the strength we need by focusing on our breath and on remaining present in the moment.

Or, we may choose to put off thinking about or dealing with a fear inspiring issue. Now we can safely allow ourselves to think about or deal with it at another time. We can remind ourselves that tomorrow is another day.