7 March 2019 or 30 Adar 1 5779 דּד 4 DALET DOOR, BIRTH-PASSAGE


Essence: Dalet is a door or birth-passage. Allowing our beginner-selves to be pressed and shaped, we trust and refuse to let fear block us from living fully. We bind ourselves to the One Holiness, know our true calling and fulfill our purpose. Rider-Waite Tarot: Empress


Dalet is the number 4, from a symbol meaning “door;” it means both “womb” and “birth canal.” Dalet is also the gift on the other side of the door.

Dalet is the fear and pain of the one giving birth and of the one being born. So, although suffering, we often cling to the known rather than go through the door. We may be poor, risking destruction, or on the verge of dying and yet it is our door to wisdom, understanding and freedom. Dalet represents an opening to a new life, manifesting physically, spiritually or psychologically. Because even the most familiar doors hold the potential of something unexpected, good or ill on the other side, Dalet is not easy. It requires courage. Dalet is a dark unpredictable yearning and a green passage. All is lost, all wasted if we refuse to trust and allow fear to bind and hold us back from living fully as we travel our brief passage from birth to death.

When we move through the door into a new unknown,Dalet speaks of the required work, bravery, hope and trust we must have. It speaks of our willingness or resistance, to allow ourselves to be pressed and shaped. Because Dalet is the eternally in-drawing and out-pouring womb and birth canal, we find ourselves to be simultaneously the nurturer or the newborn sprout, the beginner, or all three. For it is the door that opens to our true calling.

Dalet is also the door our words open, the choice we make to speak or remain silent. It is the road into our center or away from it. It is the door through which we bind ourselves to the One Holiness until every moment is infused with trust; to know our connection as we realize and fulfill our purpose.

Because the seed cannot rest forever nurtured in the womb of the Eternal One, Dalet is the door through which all must pass to be born into individual life.

The card Dalet shares some qualities with the Rider-WaiteTarot Empress archetype since all are equal in the complete impartiality of her womb. She can represent indiscriminate production and the primordial capacity for nurturance and acceptance of all of creation. Like the Empress card it may be pointing to a time of blossoming into new beginnings, new understanding and awareness.


The Dalet reversed may speak of fear as being a stumbling block to growth.

An important question to explore is, “What am I afraid of? What might be holding me back from an essential growth experience?”

It may also be that we are too impatient with the time needed for the birth process. The seeming state of limbo, the insecurity of being neither in the womb, nor yet in the world, reminds us that this too is a place of being, this too is Holy ground. When we attempt to resist or hurry, the transition or transformation only becomes more difficult. Instead use this time to rest, to allow and to trust.

It might indicate the door to poverty or suffering. Even so, we may choose to view our misfortune as a challenge and invitation.

In either case our soul calls on us to remember that even in the depths of despair, we are not abandoned. “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil for Thou art with me….” (Psalm 23:4). We are not alone.