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Madeleine Sklar MS Interdisciplinary Studies:

Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, with a focus on woman’s issues. My thesis exploring the cross-cultural maternal expectations and influence “Healing The Mother-Daughter Wound,” and my book, “Our Ancient Mother’s Alphabet, A New Kabbalistic Approach To The Hebrew Aleph-Bet And The Tarot,” were both written in part to heal our mother-daughter wound.

My thesis, “Healing the Mother Daughter Wound,”  an investigation of the comparative roles of women in various societies and cultures, addressed the idea of how when we heal our internalized maternal relationship, we can heal all our relationships.

I am a published poet, artist, teacher and storyteller with a lifetime of experience at continually working on increasing my own self-awareness that helps me keep growing and changing into a wiser, freer and more whole person.

I have been married to the love of my life for over 49 years and have co-created a happy family life, which includes a large extended family and friends.

I am an expert at enjoying life, I am also an expert at being imperfect and accepting imperfections in myself, and others. Over the course of my life, I have learned (and continue to discover) ways that can help bring more fun, more love, and more laughter into relationships.

My children’s books are available for purchase in in both pdf and audio format

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Although adopted at birth by a “good” family, Unfortunately my nature and that of adoptive mother, were total opposites. We were a square wagon wheel clunking awkwardly along point, to point in our jagged clumsy relationship whose mismatch left me always searching for connection to a greater Whole.

Coming from a Jewish birth mother I needed to belong to the Jewish people. However the Jewish religion was ver patriarchal, like all religions I observed in my youth. Later, studying the Tarot in my twenties, aroused curiosity to explore he Hebrew Alphabet.

Even though both the Papus and Rider Waite writings on the Hebrew Aleph-Bet or alphabet, in relation to the Tarot are full of misinformation, my awakened curiosity led me to reading on the Hebrew letter/numerals, Kabbalah (especially, “On the Kabbalah” by Gershom Sholom) and the ancient Goddess centered cultures where the Aleph-Bet originated.

I learned that the roots of the Hebrew Alphabet originated in ancient Goddess cultures and so even the Hebrew Aleph-Bet or alphabet, is Feminine as is the word “Aleph-Bet” and Torah which like Shekinah, the Holy Feminine Presence, is a Feminine name of God. In Genesis 1, in the Holy Bible, The Holy One creates Male and Female “in Our image”. Also the Holy Name, יהןה ends with the letter, Heh, a letter usually indicating a feminine word in Hebrew.

Later, I completed my Master’s in interdisciplinary studies Psychology Anthropology and Sociology, with a focus on Women’s Issues. In My thesis, “Healing The Mother-Daughter Wound,” I developed my initial program to Spiritually, Culturally, and Personally, heal our most important primary relationship and through that healing, heal our relationship to our self, our partners, our children.

Over the years, as well as my academic training in working with relationships, I have a lot of personal learning, growth and experience deep and fulfilling both traditional and non-traditional relationships.

Following the devastation and desperation I experienced following the “failure” of my first marriage, and my subsequent revelation that since I was alone and might be alone forever, my only choice was: to be happy alone, or unhappy alone. Once I chose to be happy alone. I was able to break free from my victimhood to create my own happiness. Ironically, once I took take charge of my own happiness, and my cup was no longer filled with longing, there was room for love to pour in.

I have by now, spent over 50 years with the love of my life. It has not always been easy. Love is a process not a fixed state. It involves, creativity, learning, growing, adapting, and humor as you work through changes and challenges. In our constantly evolving, loving, extended family we raised a boy and girl, into the amazing healthy loving adults. And now I feel I can actually speak not only from my years of training as I developed a kaleidoscope of skills, I can speak from personal experience.

Kaleidoscope Coaching Program is designed to activate your connection to the Holy Feminine Presence at your deepest center.

I’ve learned that as you heal your maternal wounding, you become a better, mother’s to yourself, and your relationships with your children, partners and even friends becomes healthier and more fulfilling.

I have a life time of experience exploring and working with relationships, including my own: Which includes creating a loving extended family and raising a boy and girl, now amazing adults and over 50 years of marriage to the love of my life.