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About the Card’s Design

May The Guidance Offered By OUR ANCIENT MOTHERS ALPHABET Tarot Be A Tool For Healing And Greater Self-Awareness


The Hebrew letters inspired the design for the Major Arcana cards. Each Hebrew letter embodies a concentration of Divine energy. As such they contain a wealth of meanings that can never be fully translated into human language. They embody ancient feminine wisdom and symbolic meanings that go back millennia.

The minimalist designs of the Minor Arcana face cards reflect Jungian Archetypes and the suits: Wands (spirit) Cups (emotion) Swords (thought) Wheels (earth) meanings are connected to positions on the Tree of Life.

For more: see my book Our Ancient Mothers Alphabet


May these two decks offering new insights on the Kabbalah and original Hebrew alphabet letter meanings, inspire you to create your own set. Creating your own cards will give you a deeper, personal relationship and understanding of their meaning as they resonate in your life in unexpected ways. Even a set of index cards will work.


Why 2 Calendars

My choice to show how the same day is represented in two different calendars is in order to bring awareness as to how culturally influenced, and therefore arbitrary, is our way of measuring time and possibly our idea of, and relationship to time itself.

About the Hebrew Calendar

The Hebrew calendar is a lunar/solar calendar. The New Year starts on the 7th month, instead of 1st month of the year. Instead of numbering the months, the names of the months in both the Gregorian (common) and Hebrew calendars are given.