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Madeleine Sklar


11 February 2019 or 6 Adar 1 5779 Essence: Thinking is expanded untileverything and anything can be rationalized. We have too much faith in our detached mental ability to solve all problems. Egotism of self-righteousness and self-deception is predominant. The Hesed(four) of… Read More »4 HESED OF SWORDS


Dandelions are YESWe areYes to lifeAlwaysYesIn spite of neglectAbuseYesBeneath the bootThrough poisonBeneath cement Our soft green spears Push upUntilDeath’s grey shell cracks openAnd eternally persistent Yes aboundsIndiscriminateUnrulyUbiquitousHealing powerOn sand lots and lawnsGolden glowingYesTo Life

Picture of Nine Year Old Child Poem

Speech and Silence

SPEACH AND SILENCE SPEACH AND SILENCE                       Madeleine SklarThe virtue to be cultivatedKnowing when to speak out When to be silent When I was a child I read a fairytale about two sisters When the good beautiful fair sister spoke Flowers… Read More »Speech and Silence