3 September 2018 or 23 Elul 5778

100     ק   QUF,  Back of the Head,  Ape,  Moon

Quf in the Tree of Life Gevurah position: Signifying the back of the head, an ape or monkey, Quf begins our return to Wholeness. If we cry out to the Holy One from our dark brokenness, The Holy One then cries out for us. Only when we can face our primitive undeveloped self, our shadow can we know and heal our darkness and so become whole. Acknowledging and owning ourbrokenness allows us to be made whole.

Following the expansion toward union with Infinite Oneness offered in Hesed, in the Gevurah position, Quf encompasses the idea of balance reminding us that mind and heart must separate to face our shadow. The id and ego driven desires of the mind need to serve rather than lead the heart.We must learn to distinguish what of our desires truly come from our heart rather than our mind.

       “What am I trying to hide?”

“What am I hiding from?”

“What am I ignoring?”

“How am I cut off?”

“What do I need to face up to?”  The whole of creation, the good and bad, superior, and inferior, dark and light, pure and impure, are one. To ignore or attempt to cut off any aspect is to deny Holiness and, ultimately, to self-destruct. Feeling lost we call out to the Holy One, who loves, and invites us to love, even our imperfection. Even as we call out to God, God calls out to us. Oneness cannot be without us. Together we are lover and beloved.