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Ancient Wisdom Empowerment Readings

COACHES, I’m offering a better tool to gain insight into your clients
than can be found using the usual tests and questioners

My Ancient Wisdom Empowerment Readings are based on my book “Our Ancient Mother’s Alphabet,” provide the coach with a unique tool for understanding the deeper aspects and motivations of their client’s personality.

In couple’s counseling it can save time and ultimately make the coaching more effective. It can also offer greater insight into the dynamics of the people involved.

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A Coach's Best Ally Empowerment Reading

Ancient Wisdom Empowerment Readying

I began working with the Tarot
over 58 years ago when I was first introduced to the French Marseilles and then Rider Waite decks. I realized both writers are full of misinformation since, to create their Tarots, they had mashed the Feminine Goddess centered Hebrew alphabet into a set of Pseudo-Egyptian, Classic and Christian archetypes and an Arabic numeral system.

For a start, Hebrew letters are also numerals
and there is no zero in the Hebrew alphabet! Also, the alphabet (derived from the Feminine word Aleph-Bet) originated in ancient Goddess centered cultures where the true roots and meaning of the individual
Hebrew letters can be understood.

My Reading Testimonials

“My reading with Madeleine has turned out to be more accurate than I could imagine. It was a valuable counseling session and continues giving me guidance, clarity and comfort. Madeleine brings a lifetime of wisdom, study and love to her Tarot counseling sessions.”

—Marie Bowman LMT CST

“Madeleine’s readings are unique. Sitting with her was like receiving counseling session. Each card interpretation guided me through various issues I had been contemplating and provided a doorway to clarity. Madeleine has a deep understanding of and connection to the ancient wisdom behind the Kabbalistic tarot that inspires her.
—Leigh Rhudy R.N.

“As a person at a pivotal and transformational stage in their life, I found Madeleine’s reading to be extremely valuable. The reading presented me with new perspectives for self-reflection and growth and gave me insight that resonated on a deep and personal level. Madeline combines her wisdom of Kabbalah, Tarot, and Psychology to give new and unique readings that do not give Carnival predictions but instead give clarity and provide a channel for intuitive wisdom. I highly recommend Madeleine’s Tarot and counseling sessions.”

—Sofia Harrison, student, University of Oregon