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Madeline Sklar has brought together two powerful streams of wisdom in an extremely innovative way and has brought down a revelation of long hidden knowledge.
As a feminist rabbi, I value this insight into the Goddess origins of our Hebrew alphabet. 
This book is a most useful oracle in bringing forth one’s own inner truths. It is beautifully and sensitively written, and rich with insights.
I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the commonalities between the Tarot and ancient Kabbalistic Hebrew thought. 
 Rabbi Sue Morningstar

In exploring the “almost fit” between the Tarot archetypes and the Hebrew letters, Madeleine Sklar re-introduces us to the Aleph-Bet: the 22 sacred Hebrew letters that serve as portals into a core understanding of Jewish mysticism. Our Ancient Mother’s Aleph-Bet is not only a fascinating read, but is designed as a guide for practice. Sklar skillfully weaves the Tarot and the Hebrew letters in a way which is very much in line with Kabbalistic theory: allowing the ancient and timeless to come through by way of – and in relationship to – new forms and combinations. I recommend this book.
Rabbi Joshua Boettiger

Dear Madeleine,
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful book with me. I so enjoyed getting a chance to spend some time with your words, with the depth and wisdom of what you offer. You are clearly a mystic, wise and talented. What an amazing contribution you have made to the worlds of Tarot, Kabbalah, and writings on the Great Mother, the Feminine. 
 This is a wonderful reference for those wishing to depend their knowledge of the Tarot. Sklar adds a feminine, warm, rich, and broad understanding of the way in which Jewish mysticism and the Feminine come through in the energies of the Tarot.
Rabbi Vanessa Grajwer Boettiger

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