This Hanukah, after hearing Trump’s rationale for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and the rest of the world’s response, I am appalled. Trump’s Jerusalem as Isreal’s capitol? This one arrogant man has been able to, without consent of Congress, or the Senate, single handedly take us to the brink of war with North Korea, inflame the Middle East and destroy our Democracy and our standing in the world. His pronouncements regarding Israel are only the latest. Every day I awaken wondering what new madness he will create.

What is not a shock is the same tired idea of a two state solution put forth by many who actually want to see peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The promotion of a two state solution has been kicked around for at least twenty years, and even with the best of intentions, it doesn’t seem to have lead us any closer to peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Four cultures representing three major religious groups have claims to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Of these, the sibling Jews and Palestinians have been fighting, stealing land and murdering each other over the control of this Holy site and the legitimacy of Israel since its inception. One can only conclude that splitting the disputed territory into two states is also not the best idea.

One of Israel’s apparent issues with splitting the tiny state of Israel into two states is that it is impractical given its size and shape. It could never (at this point) be equitably divided, especially since its most precious jewel is clamed by four different groups each of whom has a Holy historic claim to it. As with the child King Solomon offered to divide in two to satisfy the disputing mothers, cutting Israel in two does not appear to be a viable solution.

Like any wise mother or grandmother, when looking at this unending conflict between Israel and the Palestinians as a quarrel between siblings, it is my experience and that of all the mothers I know, that nothing can be solved by favoring one child over another, or giving one of the children a greater right to, or control over a coveted prize, than the other. To do so do only results in the warring parties continuing to grab and hit, try to kill and cry. No one will be happy.

A solution occurred to me of a compromise that might satisfy all parties. A solution in which Israel would not need to be split into two separate states, but could not continue as a one person, one vote form of democracy. Although the ideal of each person having a vote on leadership, focus and all matters of state seems reasonable, such a solution could end up (as the Jewish leadership fears) with the Jewish state eventually being over thrown. The Muslim population is increasing at a faster rate than that of the secular Jews and Christians who now form the majority of the population but have smaller families. Because of this shifting population size, the Jews reasonably fear that as a minority Jewish interests will again be ignored and they will once more be relegated to a persecuted minority as has happened not only in Europe, but also in all the Muslim countries.

However, as we see in Libya there are other templates for a Democracy that can work, a representative Democracy for one. In this form of Democracy each cultural group living in the state of Israel regardless of population size, would be given equal representation and an equal voice in all matters. This way even if Israel remains a Jewish state, Just as each of the Arab states around her are Muslim states, no one group’s interests and desires can have greater weight or importance than any other. The Jews, Muslims, Secular peoples, Christians, and Armenians, would all be able to elect (one person one vote) their groups representatives.

Each group no matter their divergent population sizes, exact same number of representatives. These few representatives would then be tasked with working together on all matters of state. No one would be allowed to ignore or dominate the needs of the other members. Thus, all parties must come together to work out all solutions. Although each party may not be one hundred percent satisfied, they will at least have created and agreed on a workable and satisfactory compromise.

In this way Israel may remain a secure Jewish state, which nevertheless protects and honors the rights of the Palestinians, Christians, and sectarian non-religious peoples living in the territory.

Now, and until these intractable children can can learn to share, co-operate and reach an egalitarian solution, the United Nations like a good parent, should remove the source of conflict. Ownership of Jerusalem would be forbidden to any of the combatants and access to the precious Temple Mount should be severely limited so only a few people from each group, could visit there each day. The Temple Mount
would then be held as United Nations territory until the unhappy combatants can make peace.

Trump’s Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol? without taking all parties interests into equal account just spells trouble.