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7 December 2017 or 19 Kislev 5778

ESSENCE: Preparation. Perspiration is required for our inspiration to manifest. Now we build the sweat equity essential to any lasting creative work. If you’re a healer, chef, or musician, practice. If you’re a writer, edit and rewrite. Even if the work is boring and frustrating, it is necessary.

The Yesod (nine) of Wands is the foundation of creation: work, the basis of manifestation. It is the ninety percent perspiration necessary to fully manifest the ten percent inspiration. Having had the faith and taken the leap into the unknown to follow our dream, now, we are given courage to follow our vision. Knowing only our labor and sweat can make it happen. We may sometimes feel overwhelmed by responsibilities and tasks that creativity requires. But self-discipline and perseverance is essential. Here, the musician practices six hours a day or more, so that the fingers are fast enough, strong enough, flexible enough, and knowledgeable enough, to allow the essence, the heart, spirit, and soul of the music to pour through them into expression. And so, it must be with any creative endeavor.

REVERSED: When Yesod of Wands is reversed, either the work required is more difficult than we are capable of doing at this time or we are not working hard enough. Temptation to laziness and distraction, can interfere with, or prevent the completion of our work, or stunt our full expression.

It is essential to be aware that the work required often is not merely our involvement with the dynamics of completing physical tasks. It is also the work of accepting our responsibility for diligence, as we must develop our psychological and spiritual alertness to our internal processes and automatic/habitual responses.

We are reminded that sometimes it’s easier to live in hell than to expand our awareness and allow ourselves the experience of heaven.








5 December 2017 or 17 Kislev

ESSENCE:Love and joy as we allow ourselves to delight in our perception of the Holy Sacred world. Here, we know our sense of purpose and the blessings we experience is a reflection of our connection to Source.

The heart must be joined to our inspiration for anything meaningful to be created. The Netzach of Wands indicates a time of pleasure, allowing the emotions to flow. We are reminded that rather than escapes, fascinations and accumulations of stuff, love and joy, physical pleasure and the myriad offerings of the natural world, give the product of our inspiration meaning. We trust our experience of depth and awareness of meaning in our life, is not a trick or gimmick, but a true expression of our connection to Source. We are a child of the universe, a lover in the dance and dancer in the love celebration of God and life.

It is as though a curtain were lifted. Suddenly the world burns with a crystalline brilliance at that moment of intensity we know our limits, the precious fragility of life. Nevertheless we experience the joyful, the infinite/eternal encounter with the divine.

Our heart opens. Flooded by an awareness of our connection to the most radiant and incomprehensible beauty we feel a passionate sense of deep meaning and connection to Infinite Source.

When the Netzach of Wands is reversed we are on autopilot and no longer fully present. If we find ourselves feeling cut off or out of touch it may be a sign we need to cultivate a more joyful and loving attitude. When we can find one thing for which to be grateful, it can help us reconnect with the absolute miracle and privilege of this gift of life.

Joy and pleasure in life can’t depend on external circumstances. Instead they depend on our own awareness. Stories filled with appreciation for the Eternal and Life have come from those who even under the most horrific conditions, were able to still find beneath their pain and the rubble of devastation, purpose and a reason to live another day.


11/1/17 or 2/11/5778

ESSENCE: As our material success becomes firmly established, we finish projects and tie-up any loose ends. Expressions of gratitude and awareness that no one ever succeeds alone, we are generous to others with our assistance and support. Prosperity must be shared.


The Tiferet (six) of Wheels represents a time when our material resources become firmly established. There is now enough for our own use and we have the opportunity to share with others. Through generously sharing our good fortune, we may find we gain even greater spiritual and emotional wealth, as well as possibly increasing our prosperity. Material success, coupled with generosity of heart, brings healing on all levels, to ourselves and those with whom we are in contact. There is an opportunity to heal all our relationships: family, friends and work associates. In this context, material stability and success becomes a bridge and a link between people, enhancing our relationships. Freed from financial strife we have some breathing room. Now is the time when whatever we have left unfinished, we can finish. As the spirit of heart driven generosity can involve healing emotional wounds, this is the time to ask forgiveness for whatever hurt we have caused, and to forgive anyone who has intentionally or unintentionally harmed us. We are offered the opportunity to perfect and appreciate Goodness in the world we’ve created. REVERSED: The Tiferet card reversed retains the essential meaning of its upright position. However, although we may have it all, our fear of loss, and unnecessary hoarding of resources holds us back and keeps us unable to be generous.

Our fear of loosing our material and/or emotional or spiritual resources, may result in the loss we fear. Even if we retain our wealth, we risk losing the nurture of our gifts, talents, and relationships, all which give meaning to the material. We then find ourselves impoverished no matter what our material state. We need to overcome our doubts and develop greater trust in our resources and resourcefulness and in the Essential God-ness of life.


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10/24/17 or 2/4/5778 (Jewish Calender) 8 HOD OF WANDS

The Hod (eight) of Wands Essence: We’ve learned to trust our Divine Guidance. Time to act on and exemplify our newfound awareness. Take a risk, change direction. Now we need to review our creation and decide if it’s working or not. The wisest choice may sometimes be to tear up our lovely page for the good of the whole.           

The Hod (eight) of Wands says that having had the rest, and chance for reflection and gratitude (as required by the Netzach of Wands) the time now demands we act. It is time to live fully with the lesson of faith, to practice, work and exemplify our new awareness. We are called to risk ourselves yet have faith in the invisible. It is important to trust in our vision, even if this trust goes counter to all our rationality. 

There is a great potential for spiritual growth though coupled with feelings of fear. We leap like divers entering a lake. Even fearing the cold mysterious water that swirls beneath the board, we still take the breath and plunge into the freedom of the unknown. The world may disappear, but the illusion of security that the shore offers is not important. What matters is our commitment to the Encounterto Life. In a time of spiritual testing, we are called to move beyond our fears. This is when we need to let down our walls and defenses and stretch ourselves to manifest our highest possibilities. We can only become fully alive as we develop the inner strength to live with sometimes almost overwhelming anxiety, insecurity, and sensitivity required by our creative passion.                                            REVERSED

If the Wands Hod position is reversed, fear is stopping us from fulfilling our potential. A greater understanding of the dynamics of fear is needed. We may ask, “What is the worst that can happen if I do this?” Really examine your worst imagining. Then ask “what then?” With each answer, keep asking this question as you enter, visualize and examine the worst result.

Inaction is still an action. Stagnation is not a solution.

This reversal reminds us that our situation now requires a commitment to stay in the dynamic present rather than reacting in a habitual way. If we submit to fear and doubt, we will freeze our potential and stifle our creative connection. Trusting, or at least acting as we might if we did have trust, is essential so we may take a needed plunge into the chill dark water wherein our treasure lies.