Madeleine Sklar, MS.

Create Your Tarot Major Arcana from your life.

A 5 week series with Madeleine Sklar

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In this five week program:

• You’ll explore the hidden numerological relationships in the
Major Arcana archetypes and their root meanings originating in
the ancient cultures of the Middle East.
• You’ll gain insight as you mine your own life experiences to
deepen your understanding of each card’s meaning.
• You’ll gain skills to easily create your deck regardless of artistic
Tuesdays from 4-5:30pm on Zoom. Link will be sent after you sign up.
From October 25 – November 22
Investment ~ $237

+1 541-204-0930

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Tuesdays from 4-5:30pm
From October 25 – November 22
Investment ~ $237

Madeleine Sklar MS, known as a Coaches Best Ally, is a Transformational Guide and Life Re-Creation Coach. She’s assisted individuals, coaches, and consultants. For over 5 decades Madeleine’s helped countless people explore their creativity, quickly identifying and removing conscious and unconscious blocks, so they’re free to love, know, and fulfill their highest destiny.