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Madeleine Sklar, MS. A Coache's Best Ally

If you’re a dedicated coach where...

the progress, you know your client could be experiencing, is blocked and you want a fast path to help them break through?

 Or would you like a running start at understanding influences from your new client’s past, and up-coming challenges they’re likely to encounter?

Madeleine Sklar, MS. A Coach’s Best AllyA Transformational Session for your clients can reveal unconscious influences, beliefs, and habits that hold your clients back from living fully. So, skilled, dedicated, coaches will have the extra tools, suggestions, and strategies, to do your best work.

Coaches and consultants who take advantage of this service find it’s easy and convenient for you and for them. Instead of my usual consulting fee of $247, I’m reducing my price to $197 for coaches who include my fee in your client’s invoice. So I don’t have to bill your client myself.  Let’s talk to explore how My techniques can make the difference between stuck and success. REPLY NOW and say “I want to know more and I’ll be in touch with the details.

 As a person at a pivotal stage in their life, I found Madeleine’s reading presented me with new perspectives for self-reflection and growth and gave me insight that resonated on a deep and personal level.                                  —Sofia Harrison, student, University of Oregon

My reading with Madeleine has turned out to be more accurate than I could imagine. It was a valuable counseling session and continues giving me guidance, clarity, and comfort. Madeleine brings a lifetime of wisdom, study, and love to her Transformational sessions.
—Marie Bowman LMT CST

Madeleine’s readings are unique. Sitting with her was like receiving counseling session. She guided me through various issues I had been contemplating and provided a doorway to clarity. Madeleine has a deep understanding of and connection to the ancient wisdom that inspires her.
—Leigh Rhudy R.N.

Madeleine Sklar has an intense understanding of human beings that informs her work as a counselor and mentor.
—Ruth Wire 

Madeleine Sklar is a transformational guide and Life Recreation Coach working with individuals, coaches, and consultants to blast through internal barriers in business, relationships and in life. With more than 5 decades of experience working with people to recreate their lives so they live life to the fullest, Madeleine uses proven, non-traditional methods and modalities that quickly get results. She has helped >53,000 people identify and resolve conscious and unconscious blocks, traumas and past mistakes that held them back so that they thrive now.

Her vast education and experience includes: An MS in Interdisciplinary Studies- Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology with a focus on women’s issues; Teacher University Southern Oregon, Licensed Child Care Provider; licensed Elder Care Provider; and Hospice Harpist.

Madeleine is a best-selling author with multiple books including Amazon Best Seller 2022, “Your Amazing Itty Bitty Re-Create Your Life Book – 15 Key Steps to Bring More Joy, Connection and Soul Purpose Into Your Life and Relationships,” “Our Ancient Mother’s Alphabet, A New Kabbalistic Approach To The Hebrew Aleph-Bet And The Tarot,” based on the root meanings of the letters originating in the pre-Judaic Canaanite Goddess cultures of the Middle East, and “Healing The Mother-Daughter Wound: Women Recreating Our Roots And Drawing From Hidden Springs Of Creativity And Empowerment.”