Our Daughter’s Daughter

24 April 2019 or 19 Nisan 5779 QUEEN OF WANDS

Madeleine Sklar April 24, 2019

QUEEN OF WANDS Essence: A warm highly creative intuitive woman. She is inspiring, generous, a good friend: Possibly an artist. She can be fiery but not manipulative or underhanded. The…

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23 April 2019 or 18 Nisan 57797 NETZACH OF SWORDS

Madeleine Sklar April 23, 2019

7 NETZACH OF SWORDS Essence: Our constant search for answers has led us to the realization of the subjective nature of reality. We’re filled with doubts and confusion. We question…

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22 April 2019 or 17 Nisan 5779 PRINCESS OF CUPS

Madeleine Sklar April 22, 2019

PRINCESS OF CUPS Essence: The new moon. A usually feminine archetype of a joyful, curious, romantic person. One who is affectionate and open hearted, youthful, loving and lovable. Although moody…

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21 April 2019 or 16 Nisan 5779 5 GEVURAH OF SWORDS

Madeleine Sklar April 21, 2019

5 GEVURAH OF SWORDS Essence: Narrowness of vision makes for dogmatic thinking. Perceiving our options to be limited or a lack of imagination may result in depression as we tell…

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