Our Daughter’s Daughter

23 February 2019 or Adar 1 18 5779 6 TIFERET OF WANDS

Madeleine Sklar February 23, 2019

6 TIFERET OF WANDS Essence: Equilibrium is attained. Our creative work and personal life flows effortlessly. Even so we must stay awake to unforeseen pitfalls that may undermine our project.…

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22 February 2019 or 17 Adar 1 5779 KING OF WANDS

Madeleine Sklar February 22, 2019

KING OF WANDS Essence: Creative and spiritual, he’s a dreamer. A truly independent spirit, he can be a good husband, but his freedom is paramount. Being receptive, empathic and playful,…

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21 February 2019 or 16 Adar1

Madeleine Sklar February 21, 2019

  6 TIFERET OF SWORDS Essence: Balanced thinking enables us to make good decisions. Seeing both sides of issues, we are fair, make better choices and can trust our own…

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20 February 2019 or 15 Adar1 5779 , ה 5 HEH WIND-DOOR BREATH OF LIFE

Madeleine Sklar February 20, 2019

Essence: Heh as Wind-door is symbolic of where we know ourselves to be inspired—literally, breathed into life by the Divine breath. We become individuated, begin to make our own choices and create…

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