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Re-Create your life

Free your true deep self

You have the power to create a juicy life full of joy and purpose.
That personal power is accessed through self discovery, love and compassion.

Tell me if this sounds familiar

you find yourself haunted by a negative inner voice and old energy patterns, beliefs, fears, and blocks which keep you from living the life of your dreams. what you crave is a supportive and heart aligned plan to help you use your own natural powers to break free so you can heal your relationships, connect with your true purpose and generate your fulfilling next chapter.

Introducing Re-Create Your Life

a personalized supportive program to help you break free from your negative inner critic
and old patterns, fears and beliefs so you can enjoy healthier more fulfilling
relationships and a purpose filled life.

I support you to

Love your inner garden. Care, nurture and remove old energy patterns, fear, shame, and beliefs that block your unique flowers so you can live your fruitful juicy life.

Over the 3 Months you will develop tools so you can

Love your garden

Heal your relationship with your body and expand your awareness of your physical self, and your personal world.

You’ll gain tools

to rewrite your script so your thoughts, perceptions and judgments can help you heal your emotions, physical body, life and relationships.

You’ll develop new ways

To understand and explore, own and communicate your true feelings so you can breath free and Live  your highest potential.


My Program is based on integrating the archetypal energies of the Holy Grandmothers
to support your connection to your truest self.

I’m here to encourage you to deepen and expand your relationship with your body, mind, emotion and spiritual energies. I support and help you love and express your full authentic amazing self as a path toward freedom and creating the life of your dreams.

We’ll meet three times a month, by phone or Zoom. You’ll also get personalized tools to support any changes you want to make. Also, I’ll be available to support you respond as soon as possible to any text or email questions, that come up during your process, 
I ask for 3 mo. commitment because that’s the minimum amount of time needed to actually begin to create new habits