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Re-Create Your Life:

5 Keys for more joy, connection and soul
in your life relationships

1) Life is attracted to life. What ever your age or physical
characteristics, the more alive you are the more attractive
you are. Being fully alive is magnetic. It’s the most
powerful attractant to draw people to you.

2) Be Daring. Don’t hide behind a mask. Express your
real, authentic, vulnerable, flawed self. If you want healthy
relationships and the you they are loving is not the real
you, their love can’t be real.

3) Break free from negative, or judgmental self talk. Develop
your forgiveness muscle to forgive who all those who’ve hurt you
and to forgive yourself. To forgive means you no longer have to
carry the energy sucking burden of blame, anger, and feelings of victimization.

4) Harness your ego, Even if it hurts your ego, fear and the tendency for self protection blocks
your ability to listen. Remember to remain open to really hear whatever they have to say.

5) Love, enjoy and listen to your body. It’s the only one you’ll ever have. Because of the way
it holds and reflects your emotions it is your greatest teacher. Your body can help you
reconnect with your playful, creative child-self soul’s true purpose.

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Madeleine Sklar MS. Life Re-Creation Guide:
My personalized Life Re-Creation Method for Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit integration helps midlife women experience more joy, love, connection, and soul in their lives and relationships.

As an Author Madeleine Sklar has written “Healing The Mother-Daughter Wound: Women Recreating Our Roots And Drawing From Hidden Springs
Of Creativity And Empowerment” and “Our Ancient Mother’s Alphabet, A
New Kabbalistic Approach To The Hebrew Aleph-Bet And The Tarot,”